What Happens next? The Astrology of the Autumn Equinox

You may remember that we looked at the ingress charts for the Summer Solstice and the Spring Equinox to see how things would work out. To see how the next quarter will be, the Melancholic season, I have drawn a map for the Libra ingress which happens on the 22nd of September.

Autumn Equinox: 22 September 2021. 19H21 (GMT) London

This is an interesting chart, you may remember the virus was shown by Neptune, which is here retrograding out of the 12th house, which suggests it has been in hiding (12th house) and secret (retrograde). Neptune is emerging into the 11th house and will turn direct on the 2nd of December, right in the middle of the winter celebrations and of course, flu season. The first aspect Neptune makes is to trine that toxic Venus in Scorpio on the 29th of September. Perhaps there will be a blip, an outbreak or maybe some secrets will be uncovered (a Jupiter also rules the Law and honesty).

So what else catches the eye? Pluto is conjunct the MC. The MC in Mundane astrology shows the ruler and the government. Pluto rules the 7th house of partners and open enemies, conjunct the 10th suggests the government is under attack, by supposed ‘friends’ or open enemies and may fall. Mercury in Libra is applying to a square of Mercury in Libra. Libra rules the law and Mercury in Libra can be lawyers, legal action or verbal attacks. 24’ Libra is one of the terms of Mercury in Libra and so the Mercury has some dignity. However, Mercury is about to turn retrograde at 25’28 Libra on the 27th of September and so will make another two aspects to this Pluto on the 1st of October and then the 2nd of November when it is direct again. Mercury rules the 2nd house (money) and the 6th (health) and is in the 6th house. So Mercury can be said to rule the sickness of the nation. Mercury is separating from a trine of Jupiter (ruler of the 8th house) and will make this aspect again on the 4th of October and the 1st of December.

Where are the people? In Mundane astrology they are shown by the Moon. The Moon is in bad tempered Aries in the 12th house. The people are not happy, they want their freedom (Aries) and are fed up with legal restrictions (Mercury in Libra) and the heavy hand of government (Pluto in Capricorn.)

The Moon is separating from an opposition of Mars in Libra in the 6th, this may be the vaccination programme as Mars rules sharp objects like syringes and is in the 6th house of health. The Moon then applies to a sextile of the freedom loving Jupiter in Aquarius, square the heavy Pluto in Capricorn and its final aspect before leaving the sign is an opposition to that Mercury. The people are not happy in other words. Will they rebel? Well it is a possibility, as Aries loves a fight, especially a David and Goliath type battle (which a fight with government undoubtedly is) and most of all Aries demands its freedom.

The ruler of the chart is Venus (it rules the Ascendant) and Venus is found in detriment in Scorpio, in the 6th house of health applying to an opposition of Uranus, which takes place the next day. Now it is hard to discover what business the Government or the Law courts will have around that date, but it will be one to look out for to see how the Astrology pans out. Venus in Scorpio is weak in detriment and perhaps shows corruption, secret money deals (Scorpio) and other skulduggery unexpectedly exposed (Uranus). There is a mutual reception between Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio, which moves Venus back to 13’ Libra which is still in the 6th house and is separating from that angry Moon in Aries. So making the reception does not help matters much.

The Almuten of the chart, the most powerful planet by house, is that Jupiter which shows the theme for the next three months is freedom (Jupiter) perhaps with the use of technology (Uranus).

What of the virus? If we take the virus as Neptune, Neptune is applying to a trine with that toxic Venus in Scorpio on September 27th and a trine with Mars (now in Scorpio) on the 29th of October. Neither aspects bode well for the virus. Before I make my judgement, it may be helpful to see what I wrote at the time of the Summer Solstice and how that panned out.

Summer Solstice 21 June 2021. 03h33 GMT

This is what I wrote.

‘The Solstice map shows the Sun rising, not in the eleventh (hopes and wishes) of the Equinox chart. This suggests a positive change.’

I think we can agree that things have improved immeasurably since June. Life has returned pretty much to normal except for testing and vaccinations. But the death toll has increased, today the ONS stats said 178 people died from the virus yesterday, compared to June’s figure of 7 deaths per day, but nowhere near the hair raising figure of 1020 deaths in late January 2021.

“The people are shown by the Moon in Scorpio in the sixth house picking up the Saturn, Uranus square I have talked about in previous posts. Moon in Scorpio is weak by sign and afflicted by infortunes (Saturn/Uranus) so the people are without power. The Government, shown by the Saturn/Uranus (10th house) is also under siege and weaker than previously as Saturn is retrograde, and although Jupiter is in the 10th house, it too, is retrograde moving back into a trine to the Sun. The Moon is also separating from a Square of Mars in Leo, making a Fixed Grand Cross with Saturn and Uranus, showing that the virus remains in place and our freedoms and the Government are all held in place with not much changing. It must be noted that both the Government and the people are locked in, neither experiencing the freedom they wish.”

For sure, the virus has not gone away, but I was unduly pessimistic in June, despite the fact we’ve had a cold, wet, summer. The figures tumbled down from March 21st to 49 per day and continued to fall until mid-July when a lot of restrictions were lifted and they have slowly increased to today’s figure of 178.

The Government, however, is having a tough ride, ministers resigning and rumbles of dissent from the backbenches, incompetence all around, not to mention the tragedy of our pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan. And notice that Pluto is on the MC the same as in the Equinox chart. Our leader are still besieged and weakened by the deaths. I continued,

“The Sun rules the 4th house (the end of things) suggesting that there will be a resolution to the crisis and a bit of luck (that square to Jupiter) might bring things to a conclusion. It may be the heat of the summer will curtail the virus, as it did last year. For many people, travel (9th house) is a big hope, the ruler of the 9th, Saturn goes direct on 11th of October, but I’m sure we are hoping we can travel before then (me for one!).” 

Note that on Friday 17th of September, the Government relaxed the travel rules again and a bumper number of people have booked to travel at Half Term (22nd October-1st November). From October 4th there will no longer be an amber category. So this fits in with my prediction that things will move when Saturn goes direct on the 11th, although the date is a week later.

What is interesting in both these charts is they pick up the Uranus, Saturn square. For the Autumn Equinox we have Venus in Scorpio separating from a square of Saturn and applying to an opposition of Uranus in Taurus, while in the Solstice chart we have the Moon in Scorpio applying to square Saturn and oppose Uranus.

So clearly the Saturn Uranus square shows the zeitgeist for this year and because in the Equinox chart it is highlighted again, suggests we are not out of the viral plague zone just yet.

Notice also that the ruler of the 6th in the Solstice chart was that splendid Mars in Leo, part of the Fixed Grand Cross (Saturn, Uranus, Moon). Mars rules sharp things and may signify the vax, which may have, at least in the short term, have kept the number of deaths down.

What is Mars doing in the Equinox chart? Well it is in detriment in Libra in the 6th house. Showing perhaps how the vaxx programme has slowed down (Libra) and those who are not vaxxed are still undecided (Libra). Happily, the Mars is applying to a trine of Saturn which rules the 10th and is in the 10th (albeit weakened by being retrograde). This suggests a further halt (Saturn) of the vaxx-ing by the government (10th house). Really, it appears the vaxx is les important than it was in June, those who are vulnerable having been vaxxed. For sure, the government has backed down from the idea of vaccine passports, because they were expecting a massive rebellion of rank and file MPs who were concerned about civil liberties. As Mars moves to a trine of Jupiter at 23’ Aquarius (one of her terms) it would appear that freedom (Jupiter) won over the vaxx (Mars).

So what are my predictions for the next quarter? The people, Moon in Aries in the 12th want freedom and hope (Moon applying to a trine of Jupiter in Aquarius in the 11th). There may be a respite but next the Moon applies to a square of Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the MC (the government). This suggests more government restrictions. The final aspect the Moon makes is an opposition to Mercury in Libra, ruler of the 6th and in the 6th. The sickness will not give the people what they want, self-determination (Aries) but will again block their freedoms. The Moon rules the 4th house of endings and home which suggests that perhaps there will be another lock-down or more restrictions will be put in place. How that bad tempered Moon will handle that is anyone’s guess, not easily I suspect.

The last Uranus Saturn square will be on 24th of December, Christmas Eve no less. I suspect that will see the end of this baleful time.

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