I have several workshops planned this year.

Greek Island Summer School 2022

The group of 2021

Joanna has the latest update on travel prices…here

May 25th-June 1st: Moon Goddess Magic: looking at the Moon in our charts, Moon signs, Moon cycles, The Symbolism of Moon Goddesses, Correspondences for spells and rituals for Money, Love, Health and Success. There will be a New Moon on May 30th which we can use to consciously reach out to our future selves.

June 1st-8th The Astrology of Herbs, Health and Healing. Using your own horoscope to understand how to attain optimal health with reference to the four elements and four temperaments.

September 7th-14th: Astrology, Karma and destiny. Your birth-chart shows your Soul’s journey, how you chose to come in to this life. The Sun, Moon and planets illustrate how different aspects of your destiny work out in your everyday life. Working with your own chart, and those of famous people, you can begin to understand how to maximise the gifts of your horoscope and how to the issues and challenges of your personal astrology appear both in your life and those of loved ones. This offers you the opportunity to discover creative ways to surmount challenges. Knowledge is power, understanding your deepest motivation allows us to live the best life possible.

Save your place with a £50 non-returnable deposit, email elisabeth_brooke@hotmail.com details on Courses and Workshops page

15% reduction on the 2nd week’s course fees if you come for 2 weeks.

Joanna is offering

June 8th-15th Talking Tarot

August 31-Sept 7th Astrology in Action

Sept 14-21 Tarot and Astrology

details www.joannawatters.com

Happy to announce a series of lectures I am giving at the Healing Garden this year. See below for details: or email: info@thehealinggarden.uk

I spoke at the Future of Plant Medicine Summit. September 27 – October 1, 2021. Listen to the recording here.