Natal and Medical Astrology

Natal charts: In the reading we will discuss in detail issues in your life and look at creative ways to deal with both positive and negative energies in your chart. Going through the several areas of your life, for example, relationships, career, family and health will highlight your strengths and give insight in how to approach areas of difficulty. For me, Astrology is a tool to discover the best ways to maximise your potential to have a happy and fulfilling life. My astrology is non-deterministic. A consultation with me is a conversation between the two of us to discuss the optimal way to move forward with your dreams and life plans. Working with transits, Astrology can alert you to future trends and how to deal with positive and negative influences. It can show when to take action and when to hold back. Astrology is useful to untangle life issues and look at current problems or family patterns.

Medical Astrology: I use the Traditional Methods of Nicholas Culpeper and William Lilly to examine the nature of your condition , from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives. I can then advise which kinds of treatment are best suited to you and refer you on to the relevant practitioner. The consultation will take an in-depth medical history as well as working with both your natal chart and a particular horoscope for illness, called a decumbiture, to get a rounded picture of the energies that are at work in your case. The consultation will also include dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice as well as herbal remedies as appropriate which can set you on your healing journey. Illness, in my experience, comes from a complicated interaction of our physical body, our emotions and sometimes spiritual energies trying to emerge. A Medical Astrology consultation can help to unpick these various strands and threads to get to the core issues and begin the work of healing. A follow up meeting can be arranged to measure progress and discuss any issues arising from your programme of healing. Clients may also choose to invest in a series of life-coaching or counselling sessions to work through emotional patterns in an in-depth way.

A 90 minute consultation includes, health and diet advice together with recommendations of Herbal remedies as required.

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