Soul and Spirit magazine editor Rosalind Moody came to my last workshop at the Greek Island Summer School in September 2022. This is her write up.

I was interviewed by Ruth Cato Shamanic Priestess about Goddess Astrology here

I am the guest editor for Soul and Spirit magazine March issue

I wrote an article for a Japanese magazine Kateigaho for the Year of the Rabbit

here is the text in English .

Your advice on health for the first half of the next year for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and your herbal recommendation for each.

Aries The first six months of the year are exciting ones for Aries. The planet Jupiter bounces into your sign. In the body, Jupiter rules the liver, the only organ in the body that can regenerate. The combination of Aries and Jupiter will supercharge your life but watch out you don’t overdo things and burn out. Borage is an excellent herb to re-charge and get your energy back on track, take the tea or tincture if you energy begins to drop. In February, Venus joins Jupiter and in March Mercury and the Sun make this the best month of the year for Aries natives. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and joy. Melissa officinalis is a brilliant herb of Jupiter which promotes a feeling of happiness and wellbeing and keeps your energy buzzing. Drink as a tea or use the essential oil to raise your spirits, keep the party going and any negativity. Jupiter can bring over confidence and burning the candle at both ends so make sure you take time to chill out with Melissa.

Taurus Uranus, the planet of surprises and change continues its journey through Taurus. This is hard for you, as an earth sign, you like to know exactly where you stand. You may have been feeling stressed and anxious, allow yourself time in nature to ground and relax your mind. Vervain taken as a tea or tincture, is excellent to soothe and strengthen the nervous system, make this a daily self-care ritual. In March, Venus will enter Taurus, her home sign and you will be feeling especially loving, sensual, and romantic. Treat yourself to some luxury and indulgence, but don’t overdo things, Taurus can be a little bit greedy. In April, Mercury and the Sun will join Venus in your sign, increasing your material and physical wellbeing. When Jupiter enters Taurus in May, remember your body is a temple, treat it with respect as you pamper yourself, chose your treats widely.  Rose heals the bruised heart and brings feeling of love and happiness into your world. Drink Rose petal tea or burn Rose incense or essential oil, to draw love and health-giving pleasure into your world.

Gemini Mars continues his long journey through your sign until March 26th. Mars has fired you up but may also have worn you to a frazzle with its dynamic energy. Your mind is bursting with ideas and schemes but will any of them come to fruition? Lavender is the herb of choice when your thoughts just can’t stop buzzing and you just need to chill out. Too bitter for a tea, Lavender is best taken as an essential oil, a few drops in a hand or foot bath, or drops on your pillow will give your busy mind a rest. On April 12th Venus enters Gemini, which will encourage you to go out and play, you may be tempted by two love interests or projects, remember you can run out of energy, plan your time well. When Mercury enters Gemini on the 12th of June, it is all systems go. Oatstraw tea or tincture (Avena sativa) is a nourishing remedy for the nerves, if you feel exhausted with all this busy mental energy take time out for a soothing tea or hand bath to recharge those batteries.

Cancer. Cancer rules the stomach and shows how we are able to take sustenance from our environment. Your stomach is always a delicate area with you, as your emotions affect your digestion. A little ginger may perk you up if you have been feeling bloated or suffering a loss of appetite. Make yourself a nourishing tea with ginger and lemon in the mornings. On March 26th Mars enters your sign and you will feel more energetic and inspired, but Mars’ fiery energy may overstimulate you, stay calm and take time out to relax and get cosy. Mars stays in your sign for two months (until May 20th) when Venus will join it there. The two love planets make beautiful music in Cancer. On June 28th, Mercury enters Cancer, speak words of love and comfort to those who need them, your presence will be soothing and healing. Jasmine flowers bring sweet dreams and a peaceful sleep, insomnia is often an issue with Cancer. Jasmine’s deep, sensual perfume heals the heart. A drop or two of Jasmine essential oil in your evening bath or dropped on your pillow will surround and protect you from negative influences.

Leo. Until May 7th your life is all about other people, partners, colleagues, friends, and children. The responsibility may be getting you down, your awesome energy has been a bit flat recently. Carrying everyone else may have even given you a sore back. Take time out to stretch out and stand tall. Perk up your Vital Spirit with Rosemary tea in the mornings, (a sprig in a glass of warm water) or have a morning bath with a few drops of Rosemary essential oil to get the energy moving and fire up your big heart. A few drops of Rosemary essential oil rubbed into your back will relieve any pain there. Pluto enters your opposite sign on March 24th and those problems will be resolved in one way or another. Mars enters Leo on May 21st, and your energy will bounce back, all cylinders firing. June is your best month, Venus and sexy Mars in Leo make your allure stronger than ever. Beware of overdoing things. Chamomile, a herb of the Sun and helps to calm and centre. Each day, make a delicious pot of chamomile tea and sip it slowly, dreaming up those future triumphs.

Virgo. Virgo rules the gut, and your strong emotions often cause allergies and gut pain. It doesn’t help that dreamy energy and flaky people are everywhere in your world at the moment. As a Virgo you dislike confusion and vagueness, these past few years have taught you to let go a little. Virgos worry, especially when things are a bit chaotic, learning to stand still a moment and calm down is a lifelong challenge. A few drops of Valerian tincture may be just what you need if your worries keep you awake or when the muddle threatens to overwhelm you. Yoga and Tai Chi are excellent for Virgo as they calm your mind through physical exercise. Saturn the planet of responsibility and ambition joins Neptune in Pisces in April for a two year long stay. You may feel overwhelmed with emotion and need time alone in nature to shake off this confusing energy. Liquorice is a great remedy for you now, it builds up feminine strength and calms that nervous gut of yours. Drink liquorice tea to soothe before bedtime.

Libra. There is a lot of energy around partners and colleagues until May, there may be foreign connections or a renewed interest in education, travel, and spiritual matters. You love fun and socialising, but Libra needs her chill time, or she gets overwhelmed and a bit snappy. A soothing massage or a warm bath with a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil will bring you back to balance and soothe those frazzled nerves.  Both Venus and Mercury enter your opposite sign, Aries, in March and life will all be about exciting, stimulating and sometimes irritable people. As a sociable Libran you will love the attention, if you are looking for love, there will be a lot of passion about, but beware, these people may not be around for the long term, so don’t build castles in the sky around any new people who come into your life right now. Violet is a beautiful remedy to indulge in some deep self-care. Violet (Viola odorata) flower water (hydrosol) or tea calms the heart, soothes the mind, and brings balance and wellbeing to your world.

Scorpio. Scorpio rules the secret parts of the body and also how we deal with toxic people and things. For this reason, poisoning and chronic infections are often shown by Scorpio, as are ‘poisonous’ emotions such as hatred, jealousy, and envy. To stay healthy, drink lots of water and try not to brood on things you have no control over. Bitter remedies such as Wormwood, taken as a tincture, will help to keep the energy moving and de-tox your body. Life has been unpredictable and unsettled for Scorpios recently with Uranus, the planet of revolution and change in your opposite sign, Taurus. This has brought unexpected people bouncing into your life and others bouncing out. Certainly, things have not been dull, which Scorpios hate. These energies will increase once Jupiter enters Taurus, and your health and energy will get a boost. Sometimes Scorpio has trouble letting things go, even if honestly, they don’t want them anymore. Drink nettle tea in the mornings to get that energy moving, flush out toxins and release those people and situations you have outgrown.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the hips and our ability to run, jump and dance. Movement and freedom is central to explorer Sagittarius who wishes to sample all that the world offers. Their positivity keeps them heathy as long as they have autonomy and are always growing and learning. Excess is always an issue with Sagittarius, they don’t know when to stop. Dandelion root tea can help keep your liver healthy and your energy high. Mars has been in your opposite sign, Gemini since August 20th last year and doubtless you have met fascinating and infuriating people during that time, your relationships and friendships will have been energised, but you may also have felt there was too much nervous Gemini energy for your lofty Sagittarius mind. Linden Blossom tea will calm things down a little and give you time to breathe and get back in touch with yourself. The tea has the bonus of tasting sweet, Sagittarius hates bitterness!

Capricorn. Capricorn is the most grown-up of the signs and sometimes can be a bit dour. With Mercury in your sign in January and February you might just double down on work building your empire. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th of February you might want to pause a bit to consider your direction of travel, it may be a change direction is needed. Medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) work deep in the body and can help build stamina for workhorse Capricorn and also give them a sense of direction and focus.  Mushrooms are best taken as tablets or tinctures. Capricorn rules the skeleton and flexibility, both physical and emotional, is always an issue for them. Comfrey is a great herb to soothe and heal stiff bones and joints and ligaments as well as to soften that hard shell of yours. Take as a tea or tincture daily during the winter months.

Aquarius. Saturn, your ruling planets ends his stay in your sign on 7th March and you have doubtless been invigorated and excited by the myriad of ideas you have had. Aquarius, as an air sign, has vision, but sometimes finds it hard to get down to practicalities. Grounding is key here. Drinking Horsetail tea or taking the tincture will help to hone those fine ideas into reality and give you the discipline to carry through as well as increasing strength and flexibility in your whole body. Venus will be in Aquarius until Jan 26th and so you might feel more loving and sociable than usual. March is the month of big change. Pluto moves into your sign. As fixed air you don’t like change as much as people think. Pluto will demand changes in your life. As a rational Aquarius, you will learn that having fixed ideas cramps your style and restrict your freedom. Aim for more flexibility. Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lingzhi) give vision, focus and stamina. Reishi helps insomnia and anxiety and depression which can be Aquarian issues. Take as a powder or tincture.

Pisces. Neptune continues its passage through your sign, making you more mystical, creative, and imaginative than usual. In January Venus joins Neptune there, you will experience an overabundance of romance, creativity, and psychic inspiration. Venus loves to indulge, so try not to get too lost in the mists of love. Violet, which blossoms early on is a lovely remedy for the heart (its other name is Heart’s Ease) drink a tea of violet, drop some essential oil in a bath or wear as a perfume to keep things sweet and wholesome. In March it is all change. Saturn enters your sign for a two year long stay.  Saturn, the Lord of Karma is antithetical to your soft, dreamy, emotional nature. Saturn will insist that you get real about your life and your goals. You may be tempted to hide or escape into fantasy (which Pisces loves to do), but Saturn is relentless, best to submit to a new broom sweeping through your life and surrender with grace. Keep grounded with herbs of Saturn like Horsetail, taken as a tea or a tincture and submit to a bit of discipline!

Interview with Ana Isabel on Medical Herbalism: July 2022.–yE

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