Psychosynthesis Counselling

I offer life coaching in a series of weekly sessions; face to face or over the phone. Life coaching is goal focused counselling aimed at problem resolution using a variety of techniques.

My particular areas of interest are:

* Doing your ‘real work’.

* Trying to find your path in life.

* Issues around purpose and meaning

* Life changes such as divorce, redundancy and the opportunities they may offer.

I am a graduate of the Psychosynthesis and EducationTrust (1989) and studied with Diana Whitmore and Pierrro Ferucci. I have worked with clients on a one to one basis or in groups worldwide. 

Psychosynthesis is more open-ended counselling. Assagioli believed emotional crises were spiritual energies trying to emerge, rather than pathologies needing to be managed or contained. The therapeutic work we will do together involves active listening, gestalt, and guided imagery techniques and aims to identify and nourish the emerging spiritual energies while allowing the client able to deal with everyday issues.

Life coaching works best in short, intensive sessions. I have three packages which work in differing degrees of intensity.


The SILVER package is an intensive six week course, of weekly, booked and paid for in advance, 60 minute coaching sessions.

Investment £295.00

The GOLD package is for clients who wish to work at a deeper level on their issues, hopes, dreams and inspirations. It is a six week course of sessions, twice weekly, booked and paid for in advance.

Investment £580

The PLATINUM package offers clients the opportunity to work on issues which are blocking their happiness and personal fulfilment at a slower pace, to integrate changes into their lives. I offer the Platinum package as either a twelve week course of twice weekly sessions of 60 minutes, booked and paid for in advance.

Investment £1100.

**Because of the virus: all sessions will be held on Zoom/ or telephone for the near future

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