Greek Island Summer School

view from my room May 2022.


September 7th-14th: Astrology, Karma and Destiny. Your birth-chart shows your Soul’s journey, how you chose to come in to this life. The Sun, Moon and planets illustrate how different aspects of your destiny work out in your everyday life. Working with your own chart, and those of famous people, you can begin to understand how to maximise the gifts of your horoscope and how to the issues and challenges of your personal astrology appear both in your life and those of loved ones. This offers you the opportunity to discover creative ways to surmount challenges. Knowledge is power, understanding your deepest motivation allows us to live the best life possible.


May 24-31st 2023: Questions questions.

Horary Astrology is the art of using astrology to answer questions: Will I get the job? What should I do? Where is my…? What is the matter with me? Should I do…? The course will include a day on Decumbiture, questions about sickness and health, diagnosis and treatment with herbal remedies.

September 6th-13th 2023: Secrets of Your Sun Sign suitable for all levels. Have you ever met a wimpy Aries, a reckless Capricorn or a silent Gemini? This course will look at the deeper lessons of our Sun signs which are often overlooked. And why people grow into their Sun signs. We will study the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water as they relate to the Sun signs and the 12 houses of the horoscope which are the area in which the Sun signs are expressed. Making the most of your Sun sign is central to living a successful and happy life.

The 2021 group for Herbs, Health and Astrology in Nidri.

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful workshop. I learned so much. I feel empowered (to a certain extent) but certainly I’m on the path’ AW after the 2021 course.

Here is Joanna’s updates on flights and accommodation:

There are lots of flights to choose from, average journey time 3 hours, you’re met at the airport and transfer time to Nidri is 45 minutes by pre-booked private taxi share. It couldn’t be easier. Also please don’t hesitate to come alone. Over 90% of students are singles, you’re looked after from the moment you get off the plane, optional and cheap group meals are arranged for the evenings so you never have to be alone unless you wish to be. And age range of students over the years covers 18 to 86!

The top choice of accommodation with these packages is Demetra Studios, perfect location on the seafront and just a few minutes walk to the beach, and also to the main harbour where we meet for evening meals. Also self catering, you can stock your fridge and have breakfast on your own balcony. Many students have stayed in this venue over the years.

Demetra Studios

We often eat here on the last night of the course

The easiest way to find the choice of flights is to click on Skyscanner, link above. Direct flights to Preveza from Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

Flight prices are currently ranging from 95 to 145 return, plus bags. Transfers are arranged by me in pre-booked shared taxis, 20 – 25 Euros per person each way. Preveza is a tiny airport – you walk across the tarmac from the plane to baggage collection, and then straight out to the carpark. Your taxi driver meets you at the door.


I have pre-booked a small block of beach studios for all course weeks. I then have a selection of other carefully researched and handpicked rooms to choose from – please just ask. If you prefer to book your own place please note that IT’S VITAL NOT TO BOOK ANY ROOMS WITHOUT CHECKING WITH ME FIRST – I need to vouch for location and quality. Do NOT believe everything you see and read on .

No paperwork/ proof of vaccination status/test result is required now for entering Greece or returning to the UK.

I had a ball, loads of fun and learned a lot. Thank you. Worth every penny and more.’ Mo Colohan 2021 group.

Groups are kept small for individual attention. Places very limited. Register your interest soon to save your place, email me at or fill in the contact form.

Thank you so much. I had the most wonderful experience and my mind cracked open another little bit more. Love it! 2021 student.

Hard at work

The course entails 17 hours of tuition spread over four days, in the lovely home of Joanna Watters in Nidri, Lefkada. Groups are intended for all levels from beginners to advanced as the material I will cover is unique to me. We fly out on a Wednesday, and classes are held on Thursday and Friday, Sunday and Monday, they finish by 3pm so there is plenty of time for reaxing by the beach in the afternoon.

The teaching area in Joanna’s home

There are tours and boats trips you can take on the days off, or a local Hammam which does fantastic massages, and of course, beautiful beaches. We meet up for an evening meal, which is optional and there will be a whatsapp group so we can stay in touch. Students stay in a locally owned hotel, just minutes from the beach and are collected and delivered to Joanna’s house on tution days.

Nidri beachfront

Groups are kept small for your safety and for individual attention, we will be working with your own horoscope which I will prepare beforehand.

There will be the opportunity to have an individual reading with me during the week (at extra cost).

These are small, friendly groups and students often come year after year. Ideal for the solo traveller who wants a focus for their holiday. We deliberately keep the cost low to remain affordable.

I offer workshops in Magical Herbalism, Medical Astrology and other Astrological topics including, Moon Magic, The Astrology of Destiny and Goddess Astrology.

Please email to enquire if you would like me to teach a group in your area.

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