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Life can be tough, but what makes challenges easier, is to understand yourself. Our relationship with ourselves is the only thing we can really control. How we feel, what we think, how we live our life, our work and relationships, will affect all areas; health, wellbeing, peace of mind, purpose and sense of belonging. Knowing your strengths offers you a better understanding of how to deal with your challenges — and helps you gain the confidence you need to address them.

Using the tools of astrology, herbal medicine and counselling we can get a sense of our path in life, our gifts and challenges, how to stay healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. And most importantly, how to make the best of our short time on this blue planet. There is nothing more painful than an unlived life.

Astrology and counselling can help uncover your true path (whatever age) and give you the tools to live out your destiny. I have found there is often a flowering of creativity and focus on their ‘true work’ for people in their fifties and sixties, once family responsibilities and traditional jobs have ended. This is equally true for clients in their late twenties and mid-life, when crises of meaning can occur. In all cases, Astrology and counselling can help to re-orientate and re-invigorate our lives.

 I specialise in Preventative Medicine, incorporating Herbal Medicine, Medical Astrology and Psychosynthesis counselling. I work mainly with the ‘worried well’ or people who have recovered from serious illness and wish to develop strategies to prevent its recurrence. My practice encourages clients to be actively involved in their health, through diet, exercise, personal reflection, and herbal remedies.

I use both Natal Astrology and Medical Astrology (Decumbiture) in my work.

Natal Astrology: 60-90 min consultation. Looking at strengths and weakness in your horoscope and how to navigate challenges and opportunities. £135.00

Medical Astrology: 60-90 min consultation. Looking at how to build resilience and strength, Herbal Medicine, diet and vitamins may be recommended. £135.00

Follow up sessions £85.00

1:1 sessions on Zoom or phone, no written reports but you are welcome to record them.

Counselling: 50 minutes sessions. Focussing on current issues and challenges. Payable and booked in advance. 5 sessions: £400.00. 10 sessions £800.00. 20 sessions £1600.00

Supervision and 1:1 tutoring: I offer 1:1 supervision on client work and other aspects of a holistic practice for practitioners from any discipline. Bespoke 1:1 tutoring on any aspect of my work is also available

Please email me to book or enquire.

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