The Darkest of the dark: Ghislaine Maxwell

Rapists, paedophiles, and abusers are vile, no question. But what about those that enable them, who draw the vulnerable into their dark web and betray them?

The middle of Scorpio season represents the peak time of the Melancholic temperament. Here, we are deepest underground, the place of roots and darkness. Melancholics are shown by the earth signs, and in particular Capricorn which is Cardinal Earth. Capricorn is known for its ambition, its need to get on in the world. Capricorn craves power and prestige, and some Capricorns will do anything to seize and maintain their place at the top table.

Ghislaine Maxwell was born into great wealth and was given every advantage as the youngest of the Maxwell children. Supposedly her father’s favourite, she was so close to him that she hid her boyfriends from him, less he got jealous, which may hint to an unhealthy closeness.

Her early life was blighted by trauma. Her older brother was seriously injured two days after she was born and remained in a coma until his death in 1967. Her mother claimed Ghislaine was anorexic as a toddler, which may have been a response to the family’s grief.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine has 4 planets in Capricorn plus the Part of Fortune. Sun, Mercury, and Mars (on the cusp) are in the 8th house. Here we have the combination of Capricorn, especially that exalted Mars, situated in Scorpio’s realm in the 8th. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are interested in wealth and power. Scorpio desires the personal power and power over others great riches bring, while Capricorn craves the honour, prestige and social standing of immense wealth. So that combination, Capricorn planets in the 8th house, suggests a life lived in the pursuit of power through the wealth of others, using sex (8th house).

The Moon, in a horoscope can show the childhood of the native. Moon in Leo gives luxury, extravagance, the adored child. Ghislaine was the baby of the family and a brilliant child, her father’s favourite. The Moon is separating from an opposition of Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct the MC and they both square Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th forming a Fixed T square. We can take the Jupiter as her flamboyant father Robert Maxwell, the self-made millionaire newspaperman, who dined with royalty and lived an extravagant and perhaps debauched life. When a Jupiter is peregrine (without dignity) it shows the negative aspects of the sign and planet. In this case reckless expansion (Jupiter) and tyrannical behaviour (Aquarius). Both planets in square to Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th, emphasize the deceitful, manipulative, and power-hungry theme of her Sun, Mercury, Mars.

Gemini Ascendant gives both a friendliness and intelligence but also an ambivalent relationship to the truth, the person is both charming company and economical with the truth or simply duplicitous. Ghislaine’s Ascendant is conjunct the Fixed star Aldebaron (9’Gemini 55) which has the nature of Mars. Aldebaron gives both courage and energy, and their shadow, violence, and lust. Natives may be convincing, smooth-talkers, materialistic and greedy, decadent seducers and hedonists.

The fixed star, Antares (9’53 Sagittarius) is opposite Aldebaron, and so conjunct Ghislaine’s descendant, indicating her partners and close friends. Antares has the nature of Mars and Jupiter. It gives passion, an obsessive, compulsive, demanding person, who may be an ambitious, survivor, callous, antagonistic and domineering. They may voracious and highly sexed. Antares gives intelligence, strategic ability, and courage (they make good soldiers). They may be risk-takers and subject to violent death, (Mars) either in battle or through lawsuits (Jupiter).

On 5th of November 1991, her beloved father was found floating in the ocean having fallen or been pushed or dived into the sea from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine. Ghislaine claimed he was murdered, and for sure, Robert Maxwell had many enemies. After his death it was discovered he had stolen at least £440 million from the pension fund of the Mirror Group newspapers.

There was a New Moon at 13’32 Scorpio conjunct Ghislaine’s Neptune on the 6th of November. Mars was also at 13’ Scorpio. Mars is the almuten of her chart (not shown) and Mars transits bring violence, so perhaps Ghislaine was correct about her father’s murder. Chiron (the wound that cannot be healed) was opposite her Jupiter/MC at 9’ Leo indicating the destruction of her father, their family honour (Jupiter), home and finances. Uranus (sudden loss) was separating from the conjunction of her Mercury at 10’ Capricorn, (Mercury in the 8th messenger from the dead, the psychopomp). Mercury is her chart ruler (Gemini).

The whole family was reviled and stalked by the press following the revelations. Her two brothers were charged with fraud, although they were eventually found not guilty, all the family’s assets were seized.  The Moon Leo, little princess, was toppled from her throne and hard times followed. Ghislaine said, ‘they took everything, even the silverware.’ Later that year, she fled to New York as Saturn transited by conjunction her Jupiter MC.

Ghislaine met Epstein the following year, probably in November 1992 when Saturn was opposing her Moon at 12’ Leo. Daddy’s girl had found another daddy. The nature of their relationship is opaque, but she was at some point his girlfriend, and ran his houses and then his life. Epstein was extremely wealthy, but from a similarly poor background to her father. Ghislaine found another wealthy lifestyle, (Moon Leo, also Sun/Mercury in 8th house of other people’s money).

It is claimed Ghislaine groomed underage girls to perform sex acts with old, rich, men, Epstein, and others including Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. A friend reported that on seeing two beautiful girl twins at a party, Ghislaine asked to be introduced to them. The friend queried this, asking would she not rather meet their parents, and when Ghislaine said, ‘no, Epstein would love them’, the friend realized something terrible was going on. The abused girls felt safe with Ghislaine’s attention because it was a woman befriending them. Remember that duplicitous Neptune in Scorpio and the deceptive Gemini ascendant. Ghislaine is accused of being the driving force behind the abuse,

‘Ghislaine helped Jeffrey become who he became,’ said one of his victims. ‘He had money, but he didn’t know what to do with it. She showed him.’

Frances Zmurko: Past of a Sinner: 1895. Public Domain

Certainly, they have little synastry. Epstein (20.1.1953. 06:15 Brooklyn) has his Mercury was conjunct her Part of Fortune at 21’ Capricorn, suggesting their relationship was lucky for her. His wealthy Jupiter in Capricorn at 11’22’ Taurus was opposite that corrupt Neptune, suggesting she used deception (Neptune) and sex (Scorpio) to reel him in and keep him fascinated (Neptune).

When Epstein died in prison, again it is not clear whether this was suicide or murder, on 10th of August 2019, Pluto was on this same part of Fortune at 21’ Capricorn, wiping out the money funnel. On that day, Mercury was opposite her Saturn at 28’ Cancer, again bringing messages from the dead (remember when her father died Uranus was conjunct her Mercury). The Sun and Venus were at 17’ and 16’ Leo, conjunct her Moon and North Node, which might show this was a way out (North Node) from her obsession/love/need/greed for him (Moon Leo).
But it was not to be. Epstein’s accusers continued their lawsuits, now focussing on Ghislaine, who like that slippery Neptune, disappeared. She was eventually found after a worldwide search, living in some luxury in New Hampshire on July 2nd, 2020, On July 14th she was denied bail and locked up. This was the time of her second Saturn return; Saturn was at 29’ Capricorn. Uranus (shock and surprise) was opposing that slippery Neptune at 10’ Taurus and was triggered by the Moon in Taurus which banged the gates shut.

Ghislaine was charged on 23rd of April 2021, when Pluto was conjunct her Saturn (26’48 Capricorn) and Uranus, Venus were conjunct her Neptune at 10’ Taurus. Saturn, the Lord of Karma was opposing her glamourous Moon ending her gilded existence and bringing punishment and restriction.

This weeks’ New Moon fell at 12’40 Scorpio an exact conjunction within 8 minutes of arc to her Neptune. In court to request bail on that day (November 4th), Ghislaine complained of her physical and emotional abuse by prison warders, the poor and insanitary living conditions was suffering, the terrible food, and sleep deprivation (a torch shone in her face every 15 minutes during the night, as she was on suicide watch). Moon in Leo was outraged at how dreadfully she was being treated, she described crawling on her hands and knees at 3.45 am to get into the prison van to attend the hearing. The words fell on deaf ears, bail was denied.

At present Ghislaine has progressed Mercury conjunct her Jupiter, which may be death (Mercury in the 8th) or luck (Jupiter) with the judicial process (Jupiter conjunct the MC which rules the State). Or it may be she does a deal (Mercury) with the lawyers (Jupiter) to keep her secrets to herself, it is said many, many powerful men were involved in Epstein’s debauchery and that he was killed as he prepared to ‘spill the beans’.

The final contact of her Saturn return is exact on December 2nd this year while her trial begins on November 29th. Her first Saturn return happened the year before her father died and her life subsequently fell apart. Pluto makes the final hit to her Saturn on the 8th of March which might destroy her money, her legal case, her career (Saturn rules the 8th, 9th and 10th houses). Uranus will make the final opposition to that deceitful Neptune on the 30th of that month, which will bring a surprise and shock to the devious Neptune. Or she may unexpectedly slip the noose (Uranus, Neptune).

In one sense, the outcome of the trial doesn’t matter, her life is ruined. There will be no welcome at the top table for her, her finances are exhausted paying legal bills, she unsuccessfully tried to claim on Epstein’s estate to pay these. Ghislaine’s gilded life is over.

Was it greed, laziness, entitlement, or simple wickedness that made her chose this road? The darkest of the darkest signs and houses suggest it was all of these, but perhaps greed was the driver. Ghislaine was brought up in great wealth (stolen from working people) and would do anything, absolutely anything to stay rich.

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