Shooting the Messenger-Mars in Gemini

I was talking with my friend astrologer Joanna Watters about how we under estimated Mars’ long stay in Gemini. Have you noticed how irritable everyone has been? Joanna coined the phrase ‘shooting the messenger’ for Mars in Gemini, and doesn’t it fit so well?

Having spent a day waiting in for a delivery which never arrived and also for a second delivery from a driver who swore we were not at home the previous day when he came by (we were) and then said our street didn’t exist (my house was built in the 1840s so yes, it didn’t exist before that, but has been here ever since) etc. etc.

One of the least attractive traits of Gemini is lying. I was going to say being economical with the truth, but hey Mars in Gemini, let’s say what we mean and to hell with offending people. Likewise Mars’ dark side, aside from violence, is an ugly self righteousness. It’s their way or the highway in their particularly aggressive and intolerant style.

Mars has been in Gemini for an extended stay since August 21st last year, due to going retrograde on Halloween at 25’37. Mars will finally leave the sign on the 25th of March.

Of course, there is a good side to everything. Martin Luther King had Jupiter in Gemini, as did Jim Morrison and interestingly, so did the chart of the American Declaration of Independence**.

The chart is well known and studied, but for our purposes, let’s look at the Mars in Gemini. It is in the 7th house, which suggests relations with others, partners and open enemies will be aggressive and warlike. The US perhaps would not agree, suggesting it is simply defending its interests, but much of the rest of the world sees the US as a bully and warmonger. In its 240 year history the US has been at war for 225 years!

Mars is applying to a square with Neptune in Virgo conjunct the MC. There are various interpretations of this, one is messianic, deluded, and deceptive (Neptune). Mars applying to a square suggests the wars will be religious or hidden behind a cloud of ideology. In recent years, the wars have been against Muslim countries (Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Syria etc.) in the 20thC they were more ideological, against the USSR (Afghanistan, Bosnia) communism (Viet Nam, Cambodia etc.) against democratic movements in Central and South America (Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba etc. etc.). There is intolerance , remember ‘my way or the highway’, of people who wish to live in a different way, Communist, Democratic, etc.

Mars at 21′ Gemini makes a wide Grand Air trine with Saturn at 15′ Libra and the Moon at 27′ Aquarius (I allow great orbs for large configurations). Moon in Aquarius is the home of the ideologue and as fixed air, it shows one who does not budge once its mind is made up. Saturn, exalted in Libra in the 11th shows brilliance of the US and their collective identity, ‘we the people’.

On an individual level, saints and sinners have Mars in Gemini in their charts. Martin Luther King, no less an ideologue, but one on the side of the angels, Naomi Campbell, notoriously bad tempered, the late Prince Phillip with Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini was also rude and outspoken, sometimes cruelly, Princess Margaret similarly unpleasant also had Mars in Gemini.

Liars and warmongers are headed by Tony Blair, with Mars in Gemini conjunct the Ascendant, remember the dodgy dossier (Gemini)which brought the UK into the Iraq war resulting in the death of at least 1.25 million Iraqis. Henry Kissinger is another warmonger with Mars in Gemini conjunct the Ascendant, he was responsible for the carpet bombing of Cambodia in the 1970s and is considered by some to be a war criminal, likewise Blair, who has the monika B-liar.

Mr Sleaze himself, Boris Johnson, has a stellium in Gemini, Venus, Sun, Mercury conjunct, plus Mars. His lies, as I speak, are being uncovered and exposed. He lied to Parliament, he lied to the Queen, he lied to his MPs and he lied to the police and denies it all in the face of overwhelming evidence, he is the liar’s liar.

On the side of the angels, Edward Snowden, who exposed lies of the military and the US government, has Mars, the North Node and the Sun conjunct in his 1st house in Gemini, all opposite Neptune in Sagittarius (the truth-teller). Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the philosopher who inspired the French and American revolutions, had Mars, Mercury and Venus conjunct his Gemini MC.

Tyrants figure, Benito Mussolini had Pluto Saturn Moon and Mars conjunct in Gemini. Julius Caesar (if we are to believe the data) and Alexander the Great both had Mars in Gemini. Great leaders like Queen Elizabeth I of England and Franklin D. Roosevelt had Mars in Gemini. Roosevelt’s Mars was conjunct his MC at 22′, Gemini conjunct the Declaration of Independence’s Mars. Roosevelt was President during the 2nd World War, his support for the UK turned the tide against the Nazis.

Lots of great musicians have Mars in Gemini. Jimmy Page has a brilliant Mars Uranus conjunction plus Saturn in Gemini as do Keith Richards, Roger Walters, Brian May and Jim Morrison, all born 1943, 1944.

What does this tell us? There may be brilliance, oratory, music and truth-telling. In reference to Gemini’s double face, there may be lies, cruel words and double dealing, while Mars can bring aggression, warmongering and violence.

Mars leaves Gemini on the 25th of March. Best advice? Keep your counsel, keep your temper and know this too will pass……

**All chart data from

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