Off with his head and other thoughts on the monarchy

The Astrology of the Family, looks at common themes that run through family lines. Charles I, Charles III and Prince Harry have a lot of astrology in common. What will it mean for the future of the royal family?

The Human Hand grenade and her creepy sidekick: how to destroy an economy in one easy step

The moniker Human Hand Grenade comes from Dominic Cummings who observed everything Liz Truss touched exploded in her face. Much as I dislike the man, he certainly has this bang on, he also called Keir Starmer a dud- another fine description, I reckon. But back to Liz, what does her astrology tell us about ourContinue reading “The Human Hand grenade and her creepy sidekick: how to destroy an economy in one easy step”

The poet, the lover and the Rowan tree

The poet Katherine Raine fell in love with author Gavin Maxwell. Theirs was a stormy relationship, not helped by the fact that Maxwell was gay. Maxwell became famous after he travelled to Iraq with Wilfred Thesiger to explore the marshes (subsequently drained by Saddam Hussein). He wanted to bring an otter home with him. Thesiger found one, who Maxwell named Mijbil and he wrote about his experiences in the best selling book and film Ring of Bright Water, which is a line from one of Kathleen’s poems.
He has married me with a ring, a ring of bright water
Whose ripples spread from the heart of the sea,
He has married me with a ring of light, the glitter
Broadcast on the swift river.  
Their relationship ended with her curse by a Rowan tree. This blog looks at their synastry and major transits at this fateful time.

The Times they are a changing…the Autumn Equinox

It is always useful to start predictions by retrodiction, looking back to the last quarter. On the solstice we saw a debilitated chart, the Moon (the people) was in detriment in Aries (bad tempered and impatient) and the government (and the establishment) was weak shown by a Void of Course (VC) Venus.

Astrology, Karma and Destiny #2

Can we escape karma or destiny? I believe we cannot escape them, but we can alter their effects depending on actions we take. Yesterday, the fatwah issued by the Ayatollah in Iran, later rescinded but not cancelled worked its way to Rushdie who was about to begin a talk on how the USA was home to persecuted and exiled writers. This blog examines the astrology of the fatwa

Astrology, Karma and Destiny

Some people accuse astrology of being fatalistic, it is written in the stars and then destiny will unfold as it is written. Well maybe, but the question of the astrologer’s art, is what is written and how do we interpret what is written and on what level does the native operate? Because what is written must be expressed through the vehicle of the individual in question, which of course may be intimated through the horoscope, but how the person choses to use these energies cannot be predicted. The astrologer should always allow for serendipity, because of course, we do not operate in a vacuum, other people enter our drama and have their effects.

Teflon Tony and his sleezy mates: the dark side of Air.

Here in the West, we live in a very Airy culture: spin, social media, surface charm and fun are the zeitgeist. Those who can talk and persuade and provide ‘alternative facts’ have the power in these times of reality tv and bought and paid for journalism and corrupt politics.
As you would expect the best proponents of these dark arts have a preponderance of air in their charts.