Setting us free: Saturn square Uranus

On Tuesday we had the first of three squares of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, the next ones are on July 14th and December 24th 2021. As such, they can be considered the zeitgeist of this year. Both in fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius, they relate to building and unbuilding, breaking free (Uranus) and new dogmas (Aquarius) in nature and money (Taurus) and laying foundations (Saturn) for transformation (Uranus).

17 Feb 2021 19h08 GMT London.

Notice that the Moon is just coming off a conjunction of Uranus, they are both in the eighth house of debt, other people’s money, psychology and the unconscious. Saturn rules the fifth (children and creativity) and Uranus the sixth (health and employees.) It could be about the vaccine, as the Moon and Uranus are just moving out of the eighth house of death, to the ninth of long distance travel (we wish!) and higher education-the Universities who have been working on this. Jupiter is conjunct the midheaven, again echoing the theme of expansion.

Besides the obvious coups and political repressions, there is one person who arguably needs to be set free by the patriarchy (Saturn), Britney Spears.

Britney Spears. 2 Dec 1981 01:30 Mc Comb Miss.

Britney was a teenage pop sensation and developed into an extremely successful adult performer. The recent documentary ‘Framing Britney’ shows how she was treated by the Media which chewed her up and spat her out and treated her with derision and contempt, while simultaneously cashing in on her extraordinary celebrity and wealth. Britney is a paradigm for the double standards women, especially young, pretty, successful women are held to. That she is resilient is a no-brainer. Her love of performance is shown by her four planets in Sagittarius, Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune, while her glamour and attractiveness is seen in her Libran Ascendant. That she works hard is shown by her detail focussed Mars in Virgo and her ambition by Venus in Capricorn. Her first album, ‘Baby Hit Me One More Time’ released when she was 18, was the best selling album released by a teenage girl.

What is interesting, for the purposes of this blog is her Moon in Aquarius. It is Trine her exalted Saturn in Libra (showing her intelligence) and sextile her brilliant, fun-loving Sun in Sagittarius.

Moon in Aquarius can be chilly, (or cool) it is in her fifth house of creativity and children, but it is freedom loving, forward looking, barrier breaking, technology using, humanitarian. Her Cheiron (not shown) is at 19’Taurus 23′ in the eighth house.

Since 2008, due to a breakdown and hounding by the press, her finances have been under the control of her father. The #freebritney movement and the documentary have highlighted an iniquitous situation where Britney is able to work and has continued to earn huge amounts of money, and yet is deemed by the courts to not be capable of managing her own life.

Her father (Saturn) who she is said to be afraid of, controls her wealth. I cannot imagine how a person with such a freedom loving chart (Sagittarius, Aquarius) deals with this. Although her Libra Ascendant may provide some clues. Libra does like other people to do the mundane chores, which perhaps managing her wealth (approx. $59 million) may represent.

But as the Uranus Saturn square shows, unsustainable stresses will break apart this year. Britney’s Moon is at 12’23 Aquarius. The first Uranus Saturn square in Long Beach, California (where she is living) was at 12:30, 17.2.2021. Notice the retrograde Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct her Natal Moon. Mercury turned direct this morning 21st Feb) and will conjunct her Moon on 26th Feb.

There was a court hearing on Feb 11th when the court refused her father’s request to reinstate his complete control over her finances, which may be the beginning of relinquishing the conservatorship. On February 11th the Moon was conjuncting her Natal Moon.

The first hit of a major transit is often the first intimation of how things will pan out. For Britney, the next Uranus/Saturn square (when Saturn is retrograde) will be on June 14th at 13’06 Aquarius/Taurus (Saturn conjunct her Moon, Uranus conjunct Chiron), the final hit will be on 24th December 2021 at 11’05 (again conjunct her Moon and Chiron).

Change will come, for sure, will she be set free? Has the NYT documentary (technology) been the catalyst? Undoubtedly. Is she ready for the change? Well are we ever? Usually, especially with Uranus transits, change is forced upon us, and it can often be uncomfortable and disruptive. Ultimately though, Uranus leads us into the future and breaks down those structures in our lives which are past their sell by date.

Britney’s personal challenges mirror those of our times, her struggle can be seen as the theme of this year. The ending, breaking down of patriarchal structures (Saturn) and the liberation of money and Nature (Uranus in Taurus). Saturn teaches us about taking responsibility, realising limitations and respecting boundaries. In Aquarius it will remind us (again) that what affects one person, will eventually affect everyone

Taurus is Nature and unarguably, Gaia has been having a terrible time. We are almost at the point of no return for saving our beautiful blue planet. The virus may have brought to people’s awareness the really important things in our lives and a new appreciation of nature, as it remained one of the few places we could visit in 2020. But this is not enough. This last week Nature showed us just how bad things could get.

Unprecedented snow in Texas * and throughout the USA caused the power and therefore the water to stop running, on the 16th and 17th (days of the Uranus Saturn square) millions were left without heating and over fifty people died. Epitomising the corruption of the father, (Saturn) Texan Republican Senator Ted Cruz hurried his family off to balmy Cancun to avoid the power cuts and cold. His wife apparently sent a round robin to her friends inviting them to join them in the five star hotel, while his constituents froze to death. Fellow Republican Meghan McCain likened him to Marie Antoinette, ‘let them eat snow’ she said. Gaia will have more tricks up her sleeve this year I am sure, until we understand that unlimited growth and abuse of nature will be the end of us.

Uranus transits, as I said above, can be hugely disruptive. Watching clients go through them, my advice is always to roll with the punches, let go and be open to whatever new comes your way. With Saturn involved, the urge to hang on, tighten the grip will be strong. The forces of conservatism, patriarchy, the ‘system’, will not give in without a fight, and it may well be bloody, but Uranus-change will prevail, it always does.

*The cause is rapid temperature increase in the stratosphere (5-30 miles above the Artic) causing ‘sudden stratospheric warming’ which makes the polar vortex weaken (cold air which usual encircles the poles), allowing cold air, which is normally kept in the Artic, to move south to places like Texas.

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