the equinox- what happens next

The Spring Equinox falls next Saturday. This is the chart for London.

09:38 20.3.2021. London.

The equinox and solstice charts give an overview of the next three months. They can of course, be done for any location, just find the time the Sun goes to 0′ Aries and the local latitude and longitude.

In mundane astrology the Moon shows the people and the MC the government. The Moon in Gemini in the 12th house, shows the people still in lockdown and growing restless (Gemini). The Government is shown by Jupiter conjunct the MC in Aquarius. Jupiter, at 20’52 is in one of its terms in Aquarius (21′-25′), so it is not as debilitated as it appears.

Jupiter in Aquarius shows big ideas, and radical ways of thinking. Aquarius is also the leader who expects their plans to be followed without demur. As the Moon is going to the trine of Jupiter, we can see that the people (the Moon) will go along with the radical ideas the government is proposing.

What of the virus? We might give the vaccination campaign to Mars (needles and other sharp things). Mars, also in the 12th house, without any dignity in Gemini, is applying to a square of Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces in the 10th. Mercury represents the Government’s message (10th) of compassion for others (Pisces), but it is at odds with the vaccination (Mars). There is and will be a good deal of resistance to the vaccination as people believe it might harm them (12th house) and have no real benefit (Mars un-dignified) to them.

The Jupiter in Aquarius may wish to enforce its vision and may well turn the people around (Moon applying to a trine of Jupiter), but by persuasion rather than dictat Moon in Gemini). The Jupiter suggests they will succeed by generosity (Jupiter) and the promise of freedom and travel (Jupiter).

The Jupiter also shows the Government longing for freedom for itself (covid has been a major clusterfuck for them) and hoping the vaccination campaign will redeem their reputation. As the Moon applies by trine to Jupiter it suggests this will be the case. People will focus on freedom and moving forwards rather than holding on to past resentments. Interestingly, the Moon is separating from a trine of Saturn (restrictions, lockdown, denial) and applying the Jupiter (freedom, hope and optimism) showing that lockdown has worked bringing the daily death toll down from the thousands in January to 121 yesterday, still too many, but a substantial decline.

What else is shown. The next aspect of the Sun, in the 11th house of the collective as well as hopes and wishes, is a conjunction to Venus when she moves from Pisces, separating from Neptune, (loss, bereavement, suffering) and moving into Aries (new beginnings, optimism, vitality). Venus is lady of the 12th house in the 11th.

Mars applying to a trine of Saturn (co-ruler of the MC and government) suggests the vaccination campaign will be improved and the sickness (Mars rules the 6th) will be helped.

By way of comparison, this was the chart of the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice London 21.12.2020. 10:03

As you can see, the chart shows a much more difficult prognosis. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius conjunct the Ascendant, Jupiter the government (rulers of the 10th) with no dignity in Aquarius, overshadowed and overpowered by Saturn, co-ruler of Aquarius which also rules the 12th house of retreat, shows new lockdown about to be announced, despite the government’s hopelessly optimistic attitude (Jupiter ruler of the MC) which will cause a great deal of hardship and disappointment (Saturn). The people, shown by the Moon in Pisces, separating from Neptune are grieving the loss of over 100,000 dead is applying to Pluto (lord of the dead) by square meaning more death, perhaps through our own fault (12th house of self undoing) perhaps due to the massive crowds doing Christmas shopping which ultimately caused a surge in fatalities and another lockdown.

So although we are not out of the woods yet, I feel the equinox chart is more hopeful of an easing of restrictions and some semblance of normality returning.

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