Murderous Mutability

If you are ever on facebook, you may have seen the post which lists the Astrological signs of serial killers. If you haven’t seen it here it is…

What struck me, apart from the fact there were no Scorpios or Aries there (the usual suspects) was that they were all mutable signs…Most of these are from the US and unfamiliar to me, not that I follow serial killers anyway. But I was very surprised. Sweet natured, if a bit overemotional, Pisces?? Jolly, chatty Gemini? Fun-loving, extravert Sagittarius? So then I dug a little bit deeper.

Ted Bundy 24.11.1946 22:35 Burlington Vermont.

Ted Bundy was a case in point. Believed to have murdered upwards of one hundred women, he evaded capture for years. His Leo Ascendant gave him great charm, he approached his victims for help wearing his arm in a sling or limping on crutches, and then was able to kidnap them. Bundy had Sun, Moon, and Mars in Sagittarius, both the Moon and Mars opposite Uranus in Gemini. Mars Uranus contacts can show great cruelty as well as being cut off from feeling, with the Moon there, he would be able to disassociate himself from his actions. A female relative described his personality changing in front of her, he, “seemed to turn into another, unrecognizable person … [she] suddenly, inexplicably found herself afraid of her favorite nephew as they waited together at a dusk-darkened train station. He had turned into a stranger.”

There is some Scorpio as would be expected, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, all conjunct and Jupiter squaring a cruel and sadistic Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo. This suggests rage (Leo) at women (Venus). But it was Bundy’s mutability that enabled him to escape capture and prosecution despite the police being sure he was guilty. He was described as having an almost chameleon like quality of changing his appearance, he looked different in every photograph. One judge described him as a ‘changeling’ and continued, ‘Bundy was well aware of this unusual quality and he exploited it, using subtle modifications of facial hair or hairstyle to significantly alter his appearance as necessary.’ (Stewart Hanson Jr., the judge in the DaRonch trial). Bundy even chose a car which was hard to describe. Even the psychologists could not pin him down. First, he was labelled bipolar, then multiple personality disorder, then anti-social personality disorder.

Bundy’s escapes were audacious and successful. The first, from a court in Aspen, (7.6.1977) where he was defending himself. Excused from wearing shackles, he asked to visit the library to look something up during a recess. In the library he hid behind the stacks and then jumped out of the library window. He removed his outer clothes (prison gear) and had civilian clothes underneath. Bundy openly walked through the roadblocks which had been set up to catch him once he was missed. He remained on the run until June 13th when his erratic driving in a stolen car brought him to the attention of a traffic cop. The day of his escape, there was a Sun, Jupiter, conjunction at 14-16′ Gemini opposing his Moon, Mars in Sagittarius and giving him luck (Jupiter) audacity (Sun). Neptune was conjunct Bundy’s Moon, Mars at 13/17′ Sagittarius allowing him to escape through disguise, deceit and shapeshifting. Pluto, who has a cap of invisibility, was conjunct his Neptune at 11′ Libra, disappearing him. While Saturn at 12′ Leo was conjunct his natal Saturn, Pluto conjunction at 8′, 13′ of Leo. His capture, then was part of his first Saturn return.

The second escape, (30.12.1977) was from prison. Bundy acquired a detailed floor plan of the jail and a hacksaw blade from other inmates, $500 in cash, smuggled in over a six-month period by visitors. Each night, while the other prisoners were showering, he sawed a hole about one foot square (0.093 m²) between the steel reinforced bars in his cell’s ceiling. Having lost 35 pounds (16 kg), was able to wriggle through the hole into the crawl space above. Because it was the holidays, many of the staff were away and the non-violent prisoners had been sent home. Bundy piled books and files in his bed, covered them with a blanket to simulate his sleeping body and climbed into the crawl space. He broke through the ceiling into the apartment of the chief jailer, who was out for the evening with his wife, changed into the man’s clothes and walked out of the front door. This time he was free until 15.2.1978 when he was again stopped by a traffic policeman. At the time of the second escape Neptune was still transiting his Moon at 16′ Sagittarius, but other transits showed that his luck was going to run out . Uranus was conjunct the Saturn, Pluto (this was the last escape, he was executed in 1989) and Mars was conjunct his Saturn. Pluto ruled his IC and showed his end (IC) would be a violent one (Pluto) and very public (Leo).

Mutability of course, can be used to much better purpose, but I think Bundy’s astrology shows how mutability works, incredible versatility and chageability. Another example of marvellous mutability is the French herbalist Maurice Messegue. I wrote about him in Traditional Western Herbal Medicine p.250-253. Briefly, Messegue was picked up by the Nazi’s in France in 1944 and put on a train to Germany. He went in one door of the train and walked out of another. A fugitive, he joined the Maquis the French Resistance. This cheeky quick thinking doubtless saved his life. Later, as a famous herbalist, he was often arrested, as only medical doctors could prescribe herbal remedies. He treated these court cases as a publicity stunt. His patients, the rich and famous of the time, Winston Churchill, King Farouk of Egypt, poet Jean Cocteau among others, as well as ordinary people he treated for free, all spoke up in his defence. In his last court case the judge received over 20,000 letters of support. Each time he was taken to court, his practice and renown increased exponentially. Messegue had Moon and Ascendant in Gemini and Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. His mutability made him at ease with the ricest and the poorest and he always saw an angle to be exploited, whatever the circumstances, using his Sagittarian good humour and optimism.

So what about Aries and Scorpio? Well, I’m sure there have been killers under those signs. But I think that although Aries can be brutal, these natives are not calculating enough or devious enough to be a serial killer. While perhaps Scorpio is so good at hiding they never get caught…

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