A Warrior Moon

The Full Moon in Aries

The Moon isn’t happy in Aries, she had no dignity there and is peregrine. But notable women who are the modern day warriors have their Moons there, and several, have the Sun Moon opposition, Libra/Aries which is where the Full Moon will be this Wednesday (14:57 GMT).

Aries is about the individual, their will, their desires, their need for freedom and autonomy. It can show as intolerance and cruelty, Aries doesn’t do emotions well except for anger, which is always near the surface ready to boil over. In fact the image of boiling over is a good one for Moon in Aries, as the heat of that fire boils and eventually evaporates the cool, moistness of the Moon. Aries Moon is volatile then, but it has the other quality of Aries, courage. Aries is not afraid, or if she is, she hides it well behind bluster and counter-attack. Aries has a self-image of the rescuer, the knight in shining armour who bears down on abusers and cheats. Aries is better fighting for the underdog than herself, but either way under pressure she won’t back down however strong and well protected her opponent is. Both Kamala Harris and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez have Moon in Aries and both women have taken on bastions of male power in their political, and in the case of Harris, legal, careers.

Harris as Attorney general in San Francisco and later California took on the might of the banks including JP Morgan Case, Bank of America, City Group and Wells Fargo who in the financial crisis of 2012 were found guilty of illegal foreclosures and other dodgy dealing and forced to pay huge fines of $18.4 billion debt relief for Californians. She took on pornographers Backpage, whose content showed the rape of trafficked minors, the CEO was eventually imprisoned for 15 years and the company closed down. She took down several notorious gangs running human trafficking, money laundering and drug trafficking from central America to California.

Of course, now she is arguably one of the most powerful women in the USA being Vice President to Jo Biden. The first Black and South Asian woman to hold the post. Aries are trailblazers, so being the first comes naturally to them.

Tomorrow is her birthday and a powerful Full Moon falls on her Sun/Moon opposition in her 1st and 7th houses. Mars is also close by at 23′ Libra and so will both be trine the Jupiter in Aquarius and square the Pluto in Capricorn. Full Moons run in six month cycles and so the same configuration, but the opposite way round will happen on April 16th next year when the Sun will be 26′ Aries and the Moon at 26′ Libra. Generally, then the first contact starts the process and the second and final one brings the culmination or ending to the issues raised.

For a woman in such a high powered job, the possibilities are endless, but for sure events for the five days around this Full Moon will be pivotal for her and perhaps the US too.

For us lesser mortals, any areas of our chart which are triggered by the Full Moon will be highlighted, perhaps irritated (remember Aries and her bad temper) and energised by this powerful Full Moon and the effects will reverberate and unfold during the next six months. The energy of Full Moon starts two and a half days before it is exact and lasts for two and a half days afterwards. Any planets at 27′ Aries or Libra will be affected, and those at 27′ Cancer and Capricorn to a lesser degree.

Hold on to your hats, we might be in for a bumpy ride!

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