Happy Birthday v-x

On Wednesday it will be the first birthday of the v-x. The first ever jab was given to Margaret Keenan, who turns 92 next week. She said the injection (Pfizer/BioNTech) she received at 06:31 GMT was the “best early birthday present”. Margaret survived the experience and has just had her booster jab.

What can the chart tell us? The chart is a late degree of Scorpio (28’) so the chart ruler is that fine Mars in Aries-what better significator of a jab? Aries the trail blazer, Mars the needle. The co-ruler of the chart is Pluto which is in the second house in that problematic stellium of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. Jupiter is moving to the conjunction of Saturn, but they will not meet until they are both in Aquarius later on in December. The ruler of the 2nd is Saturn and is the most dignified of the three planets, so money figures here somewhere.

The Moon shows the people, and there she is worrying about health (Virgo) conjunct the midheaven. The people have gone to the Government (MC) for their health and to allay their fears (Virgo). The Moon rules the 8th house, so their fears are of dying.

The Moon is separating from an opposition of Neptune. Neptune has been given to pandemics as the virus silently floats about in the air. However, I am not convinced of this, Neptune is watery, so how does an air born virus fit? But it is true that the virus has Neptunian qualities, it keeps mutating, and it is insidious, which is Neptunian, but air? Hmm… Neptune does show fear, paranoia, confusion, and uncertainty and which does correctly describe the state of the world this time last year. We were reeling, prone to conspiracy theories and exhausted and in the UK, heading for another lock down.

The government is shown by the MC (Virgo) its ruler is Mercury in Sagittarius in the first house, conjunct the fixed star Antares, which as we have previously discussed is of the nature of Mars Jupiter. Antares shows the spirit of adventure, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss. Also, ‘help against evil spirits, and the power of driving them away and binding them’ (Astrology King) which seems appropriate. Antares also shows recklessness and violence (or force).

The vaccine was/is divisive. Can we see this on the chart? The next aspect the Moon makes is a sextile to Venus in Scorpio in the 12th house (of conspiracy theories, or what used to be assigned to witchcraft). Venus is also conjunct Serpentis, ‘the most accursed degree of the accursed sign’ (Appleby). The people, or some of them will become suspicious and suspect foul play. The next aspect of the Moon is a trine to that Pluto, Jupiter and finally Saturn. Suggesting a positive outcome of good organisation and practical work (Capricorn/Saturn) after a few hitches (Pluto) and misplaced optimism (Jupiter). The vax or vaxes as now there are several, have not been the panacea it was hoped they would be (Jupiter) but they definitely have had a positive effect in reducing death and serious illness (Saturn). So, what of the next year?

The Solar Return chart shows the virus (if we take Neptune) is still here and strong, Neptune in Pisces in the 1st. Neptune is separating from a square of Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the MC. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, his words have no weight or value. Conjunct the MC suggests the words of the Government are not believed. Indeed, when our dear leader announced there would be no Christmas lockdown, people’s immediate reaction was there would be. He is a known liar and ridiculous optimist who hates to deliver bad news (Sagittarius). Jupiter, which rules the Government is peregrine (with no dignity) in Aquarius in the unlucky 12th house. A busted flush in other words.

And the people, how are they doing? Not great either, the Moon is also peregrine, in the 12th separating from a square of Uranus in Taurus, arguably representing the great monetary (Taurus) shock the country and world has sustained, with a few notable exceptions-those billionaires. The Moon is applying to a sextile of the Sun in Sagittarius in the 9th, perhaps looking forward to the celebrations (Sagittarius) overseas (9th). The Moon then makes a conjunction to Mercury, a square to Mars and finally a conjunction with Jupiter.

Does the original chart show the divisions and splits the v-x has caused? There is a Mutable Grand Cross involving that individualist Sun in Sagittarius in the 1st house which is opposite the North node in the 7th and square Neptune near the 4th (the virus keeping us at home) which opposes the Virgo Moon conjunct the MC (the government concerned with the people’s health). In the original chart, the Moon moving to a sextile of that toxic Venus in Scorpio, shows conspiracy theories (or deep scepticism) to my mind.

Although to be fair, many of the fears of 2020 have materialised: vaccine passports, compulsory vaccination for certain groups, marginalising other groups-in effect a second- class citizenry, massive wealth accumulated by the uber rich and terrible economic crises for the rest.

This year’s chart shows Mars in dignity in Scorpio in his house (the 8th) instead of that Venus, while Venus remains weak in Capricorn and applies to a conjunction of Pluto, (co-ruler of the 8th). So, has the opposition gone? I think not, but like the government, the people have little power, they may withdraw though (12th house). People are walking away from their jobs rather than be vaccinated. Weak though the government is, Sagittarius is the sign of dictators and ideologues so we can assume their project of mass vaccination will continue in the bumbling and corrupt way previously seen.

So, happy birthday vaccine, not sure it is time to party just yet.

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