Diving deep-staying cosy: the astrology of the winter solstice

On Tuesday the winter solstice happens just as the sun is setting (in the UK), the darkest day which heralds the return of the light. We can look at the next quarter through the horoscope for the moment the Sun enters Capricorn.

So what does the chart tell us? The first thing we see is there are two planets on the angles, the Sun on the Descendant and Jupiter conjunct the MC. The MC in mundane astrology represents the government. I feel that the Jupiter represents this present government, while the 10th house represents the State, which remains the same whatever the governing party.

This Jupiter has no dignity in Aquarius, it is peregrine. This means it exhibits the negative side of the sign and planet and it has little influence, a busted flush in other words. The 10th house also rules elections (and lotteries). On Thursday there was a by-election in a very safe Tory seat, which was called after the resignation of the incumbent for corruption. The prime Minister tried to save his colleague, but public opinion forced the MP’s resignation. They lost the bye election, overturning a majority of around 22,000. I think we can see this Government as the peregrine Jupiter, without power or influence. It also reflects the revelations online (Aquarius) of parties (Jupiter) held by several government departments last Christmas while the rest of the country was in a severe lockdown, some people facing fines of £10,000 or more for illegal gatherings.

Interestingly, the co-rulers of the MC, Saturn and Uranus are applying to a square (exact on Christmas Eve at 07:17 at 11’ Aquarius, Taurus). This Saturn, Uranus square has been the theme of this year, like all those Capricorn planets were the theme of 2020. Saturn, Uranus is really the clash of the Titans, in Greek mythology it was Saturn who castrated Uranus his father, who wanted to kill him. Uranus had been warned he would be overthrown by one of his children, as he duly was. We can read this square as the overthrow of the old order through oppression and curtailment of rights and freedoms (Saturn). The castration of the father might also be the defenestration of the government or its head man or both.

The Uranus Saturn square this year (exact 17th Feb. 14th June 2021) shows the imposition of draconian laws (Saturn) which many thousands of people have rebelled against (Uranus). It could be argued that in the short-term Saturn won out as people have bowed down to pressure to take the v-x to save themselves, other people, or their jobs. Arguably it is splitting (Uranus) countries into two classes of citizens, New Zealand and Austria are good examples where the non-vaxed are reduced to second class status, in some cases losing their jobs, and their movements restricted. Governments are using technology (Aquarius) to control and curb people’s freedom (Saturn) through covid-passes.

So, what could this mean for the UK government? Perhaps there will be another revelation to come which will rock the foundations (Uranus/Taurus) which the government (Jupiter) hopes (11th house) won’t come to light. Saturn though, who you remember vanquished Uranus in the myth, is in the 9th house of the law and lawsuits and in dignity in Aquarius, suggesting the law and the establishment (Saturn) may topple that weak Jupiter.

Jupiter rules two intercepted signs, the 6th and the 10th emphasising its debility due to sickness (6th) and governance (10th). The dignified Saturn underlines that the power of the State is greater than the power of any one government or politician. Perhaps, officers of the State will depose the weak and corrupted government (or at least its leader). This is the final exact aspect of the Saturn Uranus, but they come close again in October 2022 at 18’ Aquarius, Taurus which may signpost further disruption but of a lesser kind, or continuing reverberations which will continue for another year.

What of the people? The Moon in a mundane chart represents the people and she sits dignified in Cancer in the 2nd house, recently separated from the opposition to the Venus Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the 8th house. The Moon is void of course (it will make no major aspects before it leaves the sign). The people are going nowhere! Perhaps we are staying at home (Cancer) spending money (2nd), avoiding death (Venus, Pluto in the 8th).

Although the Moon makes no major aspects it does make a quincunx (150’) to that debilitated Jupiter before it changes signs. This suggests the people are stronger than the government and are making the government sick (quincunx is an aspect of sickness and difficulty). Which, following the recent byelection is clearly the case. The tables have turned (Cancer) and the people now have the government on the back foot.

Finally, the Moon is on the fixed star Procyon which has the nature of Mercury and Mars and indicates restlessness (Mercury) and aggression (Mars). In mundane astrology Procyon is associated with flooding, perhaps there will be floods over Christmas, not an unknown phenomenon unfortunately.

Overall, the chart shows the people are happy at home for now, it is winter after all, but they are also restless, angry (Mars) with the government, and talking to one another over social media, sharing stories (Mercury) and being careful with money (2nd). We have all learnt the lesson of the importance of having savings if nothing else, during the plague years.

The Moon in Cancer has more dignity than the Jupiter (the discredited government). The Jupiter is also void of course and moves into its own sign of Pisces on 29th of December, suggesting the government or leader has nowhere to go. I predict there will be a leadership challenge or a resignation within the three month time frame. Although the ruler of the 10th is strong, Saturn in Aquarius, it is in the house of lawsuits (9th) and is applying to that destabilising square to Uranus.

What of the virus? The ruler of the 6th house of disease is Mars intercepted in the 6th without dignity in Sagittarius. Interestingly, Neptune significator of the pandemic (perhaps) is powerful in its own sign but also intercepted in the 10th house of government. So, the virus is still strong but not as strong as previously (intercepted). The Mars in Sagittarius might also show the booster shots the government is pushing (Mars the needle). As the Mars is also peregrine, this might suggest that the hope or hype (Sagittarius) might not live up to expectations. The next aspect Neptune makes is a sextile to Mercury in the 7th which rules the intercepted 3rd (neighbours, siblings) and 12th (self-undoing). Perhaps hanging out with family and neighbours might give the virus a boost. Interestingly, the latest mutation of the virus came from overseas (Sagittarius). A doctor from South Africa reported that it was much more contagious, but less deadly, even though there are high levels of immune compromised people due to HIV in the country. We shall see, the weakened Mars and Neptune which are both in intercepted houses could suggest this.

However, the co-ruler of the 6th house is Pluto in the 8th house of death which does not bode well for the sickness or for the death rates. The next aspect to Pluto is the retrograding Venus who makes three contacts, the first was on the 11th of December, the next on the 25th (a not so merry Christmas!) and the final one on 3rd of March when it conjuncts Mars at almost the same degree of 27’52 Capricorn. Venus and Mars’ exact conjunction happens on the 6th of March when they have both moved into Aquarius (at 0’10). Venus rules the 12th house of self-undoing and the 5th house of fun which suggests that the rise in cases may be due to celebrations at the holiday (5th) and not taking care (the 12th of self-harm).

Overall, the chart suggests the people will be having a better time of it than their rulers. The Moon in Cancer indicates they will stay safe and cosy (Cancer) spending time at home, which,people have already been doing, in effect creating their own lockdown. Meanwhile the discredited government spins helplessly from crisis to crisis.

Happy Holidays!

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