The Prince among the perverts.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the ongoing battle between Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew, or ‘Randy Andy’ as he was once called. His fall from grace and the gilded spoon he was born with are irretrievably tarnished. His sunny, lucky Leo Ascendant has exposed a bully (the other side of Leo) and a dirty dealing, even depraved Moon in Scorpio. His Sun, just slipped into Pisces and the 8th house of debauchery and sexual crimes is conjunct Chiron, which perfectly illustrates his downfall due to his sexual proclivities. What is interesting astrologically, is the timing of his utter defeat.

Notice his Mars, Venus conjunction at 27/28 Capricorn. At the beginning of February, Pluto moved into 27’ Capricorn and it is no surprise that it was this week that Andrews capitulated and settled out of court, for a sum believed to be around £12 million, plus his legal fees. He did not admit anything, but clearly no one pays that kind of money unless they have a great deal to hide. It has been suggested that Giuffre may have accepted as she preferred to use the money for her charity rather than battle it out in court in front of a jury. Jury trials have unpredictable outcomes and if she had lost, she would have been responsible for millions of pounds of lawyers’ fees.

Pluto hit his Mars on the 12th of February. Mars is ruler of his 10th house of his public reputation suggests something was revealed by powerful forces. Could this be the Queen, his mother and paymaster who forced his hand? He has been stripped of all his public offices and is now so far from favour he is unlikely to return.  Certainly, there have been questions in Parliament about where this money will come from, suggesting the government (10th house) does not want to be seen to pay his bill. Pluto is non-negotiable, Andrew made a calculated judgement (Mars in Capricorn) that it was more advantageous to deal and not go to trial.

Mercury was conjunct Pluto that day, which also suggests a fatal, body-blow message from those in power (Mercury in Capricorn). In his chart, Mercury rules the 3rd house of siblings and the eleventh house of wishes. A Mercury Pluto contact suggests denial of his dearest wish (11th), which I expect was for all this to go away and withdrawal of support from his siblings (3rd). Certainly, he was the favourite son, this may have given his siblings a jaundiced view of him.

Pluto will revisit his Mars 22nd July and 20th December this year, so I expect there will be more revelations to come. Especially as Saturn is set to oppose his first house Uranus in Leo at the end of February. Saturn Uranus contacts, especially where Saturn is powerful in his own sign of Aquarius, can be devastating, bringing unexpected crises and even violence. The first house shows our face to the world, Saturn will be further tarnishing the shine of Leo.

Any transits will also activate the same planet in the natal chart, even if they are not involved in the transit. Andrew has Pluto in his second house of money and values, in critical and detail-oriented Virgo. Clearly his finances are going to take a massive hit and maybe he will be wiped out completely (Pluto). He certainly has always lived beyond his means, which brought him into the toxic circles that caused his downfall.

But why should we care about such a tarnished figure? Apart from schadenfreude (delight at the suffering of others) the chart shows the unlikely, unexpected workings out of astrology, exact almost to the day.

And what of Virginia Giuffre, one survivor of this vile network? She has Mars in the 12th in Cancer at 27’18, so Pluto is opposing this. Mars rules her intercepted 9th house of the law and the 4th house of endings. Andrew’s capitulation was a surprise, he had gone out all guns blazing, (Mars in Capricorn) threatening to destroy her in court (as a Moon in Scorpio might) but Pluto (Scorpio’s co-ruler) wiped him out. Her, soft but persistent Mars in Cancer, like water dripping on a rock, wore him down by doing nothing (a watery tactic) and waiting out his bluster and threats. Mars in water signs is seen as weak, but I think they are just very subtle, roundabout and sometimes devious in the way they fight, reminiscent of martial arts where you step back and use your opponent’s weight and momentum to overpower them. Certainly, whatever happened behind the scenes was a fatal body blow to his defence.

Also in Giuffre’s chart, notice the Pluto Saturn conjunction at 27’ Libra (so square Pluto at present). Saturn is exalted in Libra and gives a fine mind, the forensic attention to detail often found in lawyers and scientists. Giuffre wisely chose the civil route, (Saturn loves to weigh things up) as the justice system can sometimes be anything but just, especially when the wealthy and powerful are on trial.

Speaking of justice, Giuffre has a fine Jupiter in Sagittarius, ruler of the 9th house of law and justice, conjunct Uranus the wrecker. Jupiter gives hope and luck, although arguably her early life was anything but lucky. The Jupiter Uranus is part of a mutable T square, opposite Chiron in the 10th (those wounds given by the powerful) square a Venus, Mercury conjunction in Virgo in the 2nd. The Venus in the 2nd does suggest sex (Venus) bought and sold (2nd) and transported (Mercury). Venus rules her MC again showing these powerful men, who abused her. Chiron square Mercury does suggest the wound (Chiron) of not being believed (Mercury) and being silenced by the powerful (10th). Jupiter Uranus works out on a massive scale, Giuffre has exposed these crimes, bringing them into the public domain, even if few people have been punished to date.

Notice also, that Jupiter rules the 8th house of sex, corruption, money, power, and people’s lower urges. Giuffre exposed (Uranus) the dark underbelly of the rich and powerful and brought some to court (Jupiter) and by so doing, utterly destroyed them (8th house/Uranus) and Saturn, ruler of her 7th house of open enemies conjunct Pluto.

Finally, Giuffre is a triple Leo, which surely must account for her tremendous strength and determination. Leo is a fixed sign and will keep on shining, whatever is thrown at her. Despite terrible sexual crimes she has emerged victorious and perhaps the money will go some way to support other less high-profile abuse survivors. Saturn has been making the opposition to these Leo planets. Saturn was opposite her Sun at 16’ Aquarius last week. Usually Sun, Saturn contacts are depressing and limiting, Saturn is called the lord of Karma for that reason, but Saturn transits also bring reality and endings after struggle and rewards for hard toil. In that sense, last week Giuffre was set free, released from one battle, and rewarded for her persistence, diligence, and patience (Saturn). Nothing, of course, can wipe out the harm that was done to her, but healing can begin when your word is seen to be believed.


What is interesting is that Epstein (20.01.1953. no time New York) has Neptune Saturn conjunction at 23’52 and 27.05 Libra. Trump (14 Jun 1946. 10:54 New York) has Venus, Saturn at 25’44 and 23’48 Cancer respectively, Bill Clinton (19.08.1946 08;51. Hope, AR) has Jupiter at 23’43 Libra. Bill Gates ( 28.10.1955. 22:00. Seattle) has Jupiter at 23’13 Libra) Alex Acosta US attorney for Florida who gave Epstein a very lenient sentence and eventually resigned in disgrace has his Sun at 28’ Capricorn. What does this mean? Trouble ahead for the wicked I hope, as Pluto makes its way through Capricorn. But then again, don’t hold your breath.

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