The Lucky General?

I have been hesitant to write about the terrible events in Ukraine, partly because the horoscopes are unreliable. There is one for Putin, and then also another. The horoscope for Russia could be one of several, 1917, 1922, 1991 etc. etc. Likewise for Ukraine there are several horoscopes. Marjorie Orr at has brought up a multitude of charts which are well worth looking at.

I have decided to look at the invasion chart and see what that tells us.

The first thing to notice is the chart ruler is Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st house. This represents the invading army. They are strong, undoubtedly. Their enemy, Ukraine, is shown by the ruler of the 7th the Moon in Sagittarius in the 11th which is not so strong, but fire signs, especially Sagittarius are optimists, courageous and lucky (Jupiter ruling Sagittarius). The Moon is applying to a sextile to Mercury in Aquarius, then a square to Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd and finally a sextile to Saturn. I think we can view this as initially, the shock and awe attack (Saturn in Aquarius) will overcome Russia’s enemies, the invasion will happen, but after that sextile Saturn made no further aspects until 2nd of March when it was conjunct Mercury, then 28th of March when it conjuncts Venus, and the 5th of April when it conjuncts Mars both in Aquarius.

Undeniably, Ukraine has had luck on its side. Unlike other wars, where carpet bombing has destroyed cities, like Syria, Palestine and Yemen, Ukraine has caught the world’s attention-perhaps sadly, because Ukrainians are white christians. Also, Ukraine is on Europe’s doorstep and borders countries who suffered terribly under communism like Poland who remember all too well the nightmare of being ruled by the USSR. Of course, the other silent partners in this conflict are the West, USA, EU, NATO etc. who endlessly foment trouble all over the world. They have blood on their hands, albeit by proxy.

Interesting that Uranus is conjunct the IC of this chart, will this ill-advised and apparently mismanaged invasion cause an implosion for its perpetrator? It is possible. Uranus gets to 14′ Taurus, exactly conjunct the IC on April 21st. Uranus will then be opposite the MC of the invasion chart, suggesting someone’s career will implode. Uranus rules the 2nd house in this chart, will the financial pain Russia will be suffering by then, both the people and the ruling oligarchs, be enough to topple the government? Maybe.The invasion has mobilised the West via the internet (Aquarius/Uranus) and together with sanctions and resistance in Russia, and worldwide condemnation (explicit or implicit) of these wars that nobody wins (both East and West) these factors might be enough to bring the fighting to an end. Of course, another more grim interpretation, might be nuclear or biological war. Pluto rules nukes and Neptune rules biological warfare, neither of which are showing here. Often major wars are shown by Saturn, Pluto contacts (WW1, WW2 etc.) again, not showing here.

The Moon, describes Russia’s enemies, is the the 11th house of the collective or the community, which represents the online world where we can communicate beyond national and regional boundaries and to some extent, without censorship. Another word for Sagittarius is justice, the sign demands this and will fight if necessary to achieve. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius have elements of the ideologue/demagogue. They expect their world vision to be respected.

What will happen? It would be a brave astrologer who made such a prediction. Russia is strong, but has shown the other side of Saturn in Aquarius, it risks becoming bogged down, literally as the snows melt and the country is deep in mud, and symbolically, as Russia has found few friends ready to greet its army on the Ukraine side. Instead, thousands of Ukrainians living overseas have poured back into the country to fight, which was unexpected. Countries like Taiwan, in the shadow of China, South Korea still at war and others are watching nervously to see if this invasion succeeds as it will embolden their enemies. The West pours money and some weapons in to the country and the Moon, which waxes and wanes, it is a shapeshifter may represent the smaller Ukrainian army fighting an insurgency on their own land. This is a very difficult war to fight and win, Afghanistan vanquished the mighty USSR, and the Western armies in just this way.

The imagery for Sagittarius is the warrior on horseback. The Scythians, who hailed from this region, were fearless fighters, just as the Ukrainians are turning out to be. Sagittarius is lucky, because it is bold and knows how to win friends and influence people. It can be argued their leader, Zelenskiy, exemplifies this as he calls on friends and neighbours to come and help the fight. Napoleon once said, ‘I would rather have lucky generals than good ones’, because he knew that war, like any other human activity is subject to fortune’s whims. Of course, Napoleon like Hitler (both of whom arguably had superior fighting forces) were defeated trying to fight Russia on its home ground, a lesson Putin might care to consider. Ukraine has powerful friends, shown by the Moon in Sagittarius, while Russian has become isolated as sanctions bite and her friends are quietly watching on the sidelines waiting to see what happens next..

Fundraising for Ukraine has used the ingenuity of ordinary people to help out. Booking Air B&Bs in Ukraine (obviously you cannot use then) sends money directly to the people who are in terrible need.

Another great idea is who through #crowdgiving are sending organic food directly to Poland from their farms to feed the refugees. To date they have sent:

‘avocados (388 kg), oranges (11,000 kg), almonds (840 kg), lemons (368 kg), sweet potatoes (2,880 kg), and 40 merino wool blankets from our sheep herder.’ 

Solidarity Apothecary is sending herbal supplies to Ukrainian and Polish herbalists, they can be supported here

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