The Human Hand grenade and her creepy sidekick: how to destroy an economy in one easy step

The moniker Human Hand Grenade comes from Dominic Cummings who observed everything Liz Truss touched exploded in her face. Much as I dislike the man, he certainly has this bang on, he also called Keir Starmer a dud- another fine description, I reckon. But back to Liz, what does her astrology tell us about our new, unelected PM?

No time.

Sadly, we have no time for her, but I wonder if she is Cancer rising, she has a soft, round face and certainly has that ‘deer in the headlights’ response when questioned by anyone. That would give her a first house Saturn, in detriment in Cancer. You would not guess she was a Leo Sun, her manner is hesitant and pretty chilly, epithets such as ‘dead eyed’ and ‘absent’ have been used to describe her. Her Leo Sun might be expressed in her yearning for the limelight. Its main aspect is a trine to Neptune (fairly wide, 6 degrees) which perhaps explains her delusions of grandeur which are just that, delusions (Neptune) and a sextile to Pluto-that hand grenade perhaps? Certainly, Pluto lays waste and devastates whatever it hits.

More important, I think are the two T Squares in her chart. Jupiter Chiron in Aries shows massive ambition (Jupiter) and unwavering self belief (Aries) and the ability to force their will on others (Aries) coupled with the wound (Chiron) that either power gained is a source of pain or not what is appeared to be and the price is too high. She wants to be a star, but cannot quite make the grade. Aries is the bully, she will punish and cut down anything or anyone in her way, but again, although she may be successful it will be a pyrrhic victory. Jupiter Chiron is opposed by a bad tempered, erratic and spiteful Uranus in Libra, again, emphasising the theme of cruelty and force. Both these square the debilitated Saturn, Mercury in Cancer. These might again show big ambitions and a need for power and control (Saturn) which is like a damp firework, it sparks but its display is disappointing. Mercury in Cancer shows a diffidence in speaking out, and certainly her speeches and interviews are car crashes almost without exception.

The second T Square is mutable. She has a soulful, dreamy Moon in Pisces, perhaps where her superficial softness comes from. Moon in Pisces is a shapeshifter, and has the ability to be all things to all people, fluid, escapist and fantasist. Indeed Rishi Sunak, her rival for PM described her policies as ‘fairytale economics’, as a Taurean, he would know. He has, of course, turned out to be correct. The Moon (widely conjunct Lilith-the furious) is opposite critical, irritable, conflicted Venus in Virgo. The opposite of Piscean softness and mutability, Virgo can be nit picking or detail orientated and Venus, the soft and luxurious, is in detriment in Virgo, which suggests a weak understanding on things monetary (Venus rules money). Both these planets are square escapist Neptune in ideological Sagittarius (the home of many a guru and leader). What this T Square gives us is deep confusion (Moon Pisces, Neptune) a critical and judgemental mindset (Virgo) that believes they are right despite evidence to the contrary (Sagittarius).

So what are her transits at the moment? Pluto is at 26′ Capricorn 07′ so it is conjunct her Mercury. We do not have her time of birth and Mercury moves from 25’05 to 27’11 during the course of the day she was born. Pluto will of course, be activating the whole T Square, which I feel describes this last week of destruction (Uranus), over confidence (Jupiter) and illogical stubbornness (Virgo Sagittarius).

Truss is having the Uranus in Taurus transit, which is causing so much conflict and rebellion worldwide. Her Mars is at 17’30 Taurus and Uranus will retrograde to conjunct on October 26th and then a last hit on April 14th 2023. Because we do not have house cusps we don’t know which houses Mars rules but if she were Cancer rising, her MC would be Aries, which does fit with that overconfident Jupiter and wounded Chiron. Mars ruling Aries then, would have shown a surprise (becoming PM) and also a swift downfall through a challenge to her power (Uranus transit to Mars). The next eclipse is on November 8th at 16′ Taurus when the Moon will be conjunct Uranus and Mercury will oppose it. Expect some fireworks!

What of her creepy Chancellor? Kwasi Kwarteng has an equally afflicted horoscope.

no time

Again, we do not have the birth time, but as they were born the same year, they have some synastry. Kwarteng also has the Venus Saturn conjunction, but wide of Liz’s at 16′ 18′ Cancer. I wonder if he, too, is Cancer rising, with the Saturn on his Ascendant, there is certainly something ungainly and Saturnine about his appearance. Venus Saturn is square that arrogant Jupiter in Aries at 15′ degrees, which is trine an optimistic and over confident Moon in Sagittarius perhaps separating from a conjunction of Neptune at 10′, (the Moon moves from 13′ degrees to 26′ during the course of the day of his birth). Again, that hyper inflation, the ideologue (Sagittarius) and delusions of grandeur (Neptune). Kwarteng has a powerful Mars at 4′ Aries which again gives strength and massive self confidence but it opposes Pluto which can show megalomaniacal tendencies. Certainly, this is not a man who lacks self belief. His Sun in Gemini is trine this Pluto and sextile the Mars again, showing huge confidence in his words, which are words of power (Gemini Pluto) but reckless (Aries) and arrogant (Aries).

When he announced his mini budget on Friday, Kwasi refused or discarded the advice of cooler heads, the Office of Budget Responsibility, and declined to show how he would fund his tax cuts to the rich. This caused a massive run on the pound and the currency reached an 18 year low and almost parity with the dollar. The Bank of England was forced to invest £65 billion in government gilts to stop them tanking, and all in all it was a major clusterfuck.

Both are unrepentant, that arrogant Jupiter, and seemingly indifferent to the outrage the budget has caused. Apparently, after his speech in the House, Kwasi had champagne cocktails with his banker buddies. Labour (despite dud Keir Starmer) now has a 33 point lead over the Tories, the largest lead any party has enjoyed since the late 1990s, in an election this would reduce the number of Tory MPs to around 60, a total wipeout in other words. A human hand grenade indeed.

Here is the chart for the budget announcement.

source: Guardian newspaper.

Notice Jupiter is at 4′ Aries conjunct Kwarteng’s Mars and opposing both their Plutos at 6′ Libra. Jupiter Pluto has grandiose ideas which can ignite and explode situations by acting recklessly. Pluto, along with Mars is the chart ruler (Scorpio ascendant). Pluto is in the 2nd of money, the run on the pound made those people who bet against the currency, including Tory donors, a whole lot of money. This is classic Scorpio, Pluto territory, other people’s money, risk, deceit, dirty dealings. Mars, co-ruler of the chart is in duplicitous Gemini, more lies and deceit. I am not one for conspiracy theories, but the whole scenario is incredibly dodgy.

The Jupiter, retrograde at 4′ Aries is conjunct Kwasi’s Mars, again highlighting his arrogance, over confidence and recklessness. Jupiter can be lucky, and arguably, this budget was lucky for some, but Jupiter Mars can show rash, un thought out, cruel decisions. Chiron at 15′ Aries echoes this theme, it is conjunct Kwasi’s natal Jupiter, suggesting a wound to his pride. Certainly, he expected to be feted at the Tory party conference happening this week, but instead people are calling for him to be sacked. His is the classic hubris followed by nemesis experience. Lilith, the angry woman, is conjunct his Venus Saturn, I’m guessing there was a furious meeting with Liz some time later. This mess surely is in part due to employing a chancellor who has no earth in his chart, but lots of air and fire, giving a combustible, unstable, flighty and prideful nature.

A perfect partner to a human hand grenade!

2 thoughts on “The Human Hand grenade and her creepy sidekick: how to destroy an economy in one easy step

  1. How well your analysis fits . Nov’ 8th should be interesting indeed. I just hope there is a popular response to these policies and people. Delusionary , arrogant and destructive Truss and Karteng. There is supposedly some chemistry between the 2 of them . Lets hope for an implosion that ends this sequence of oppression. Maybe also an exothermic reaction or two to light the fires of rebellion that will take us to a better resolution.


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