If you go down to the woods today…

Beltane is the Spring festival when summer traditionally begins. It represents the comming together of the masculine and feminine principles to create new life. Suddenly, after the long haul of winter, Spring bursts out in glorious green. Herbs also represent the masculine and the feminine energies of nature. These two represent the fiery, stimulating, masculineContinue reading “If you go down to the woods today…”

The Rights of Women: Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft: feminist writer. 27.4.1759, 13:05. London. Mary Wollstonecraft who wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792 was a radical feminist philosopher and author. Having seen her mother’s abusive marriage to her drunk, violent father, she chose to go her own way and support herself by her writing. Inspired by the tumultContinue reading “The Rights of Women: Mary Wollstonecraft”

Full Moon in Pisces: Divine Homesickness

The Full Moon yesterday, was the February Snow Moon, when it is coldest, in the Northern hemisphere and yet signs of Spring are gathering pace. Moving forwards and frozen cold, like the two fishes of Pisces swimming in opposite directions. The dichotomy of Pisces, to be here and there simultaneously. Not in a frenetic fieryContinue reading “Full Moon in Pisces: Divine Homesickness”