Full Moon in Aries: Maya Angelou

There is the annual Full Moon in Aries on the 16th at 18:55 GMT. This is the first of the three Full Moons which religions of the world celebrate. The Aries Full Moon coincides with the Christian festival of Easter, the May Full Moon for the Buddhist Wesak, and the June Full Moon celebrated inContinue reading “Full Moon in Aries: Maya Angelou”

The Elusive Emily: Jupiter Neptune

Next week there is a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. In this blog I look at the horoscope of poet Emily Dickinson who had the same aspect in her unusual horoscope and see how the muse is evoked by these planets,

The Lucky General?

I have been hesitant to write about the terrible events in Ukraine, partly because the horoscopes are unreliable. There is one for Putin, and then also another. The horoscope for Russia could be one of several, 1917, 1922, 1991 etc. etc. Likewise for Ukraine there are several horoscopes. Marjorie Orr at star4cast.com has brought upContinue reading “The Lucky General?”

The Dalai Lama: an exemplar of the Compassion of water

We moved into Phlegmatic season at the Solstice: Phlegmatic is the temperament of Water, the emotion associated with Phlegmatic temperament is compassion and kindness. The Dalai Lama exemplifies this temperament.

Fashion to die for-the astrology of the house of Gucci

Last Sunday we moved into Sagittarius season, whew- it has been a heavy couple of months with lots more Scorpio energies than usual…now we are ready for some fun. But wait, are all Sagittarians fun loving? Perhaps they are, until it looks like the fun it about to run out, then they can get nasty. Remember Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, she has a bow and arrow and is not afraid to use it. Watch out if you try to cramp her style, she just might shoot you.