fixed air: ideologues and visionaries

Next week there will be a New Moon in Aquarius, which is the beginning of the Chinese New Year (the year of the Metal Ox) and also Lunar Candlemas, the first New Moon after February 2nd. There will be six planets in Aquarius, Sun and Moon of course, but also Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.Continue reading “fixed air: ideologues and visionaries”

Mercury retro and its teachings

Imbolc Greetings Mercury, planet of the lower mind went retrorade on the 30th of January. This happens around three times a year, and lasts around three weeks.I don’t personally fear the troubles retrograde Mercury is said to bring in its wake. Instead I see these times as an opportunity to stop, take stock and re-assess.Continue reading “Mercury retro and its teachings”

Lammas – first harvest

In the Pagan tradition, Lammas is the first of three harvest celebrations, followed by Autumn equinox and the final gathering at Samhain.Lammas is a fire festival and usually we sit around a fire at nightime and celebrate our literal harvest, what we have grown and wild crafted since Midsummer. Lammas also gives us an opportunityContinue reading “Lammas – first harvest”

As the weather warms up…

On Monday, when lockdown restrictions eased, it felt like Sleeping Beauty awakening from her 100 year sleep. People emerged blinking from their homes and smiled shyly at one another. Everyone seemed a little kinder and friendlier and peaceful. Here in London it will be 22 degrees later today, late spring is merging, as it alwaysContinue reading “As the weather warms up…”

Spring unfurling water abundant

February 2020. Isn’t it brilliant that the first herbs of Spring cover all our immediate needs? This picture contains Cowslip, a herb of Venus excellent for the chesty coughs prevalent this time of year, Nettle to give heat and support the liver and kidneys to get over winter’s sluggishness, and Cleavers to get the circulationContinue reading “Spring unfurling water abundant”