Aries and Courage

‘Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.’ Maya Angelou

Today there is a Full Moon in Libra at 18:38 hours. The Sun is conjunct Venus in Aries and they are both conjunct Chiron.

Full Moon 28.3.2021. 18:38 GMT London

Aries has a bad reputation for irritability, intolerance and rashness. But Aries also epitomises the quality of courage, and as the quote above indicates that courage is the virtue necessary for any progress. Aries has a fierce and implacable bravery which propels them to take great risks to speak and act out their truth. Often rushing in where angels fear to tread, they are not daunted or distracted by either failure or success.

Maya Angelou had Sun, Jupiter in Aries opposite Moon in Libra. She embodied the life of struggle and courage to transform terrible experiences into poetry which inspires people worldwide. As a cardinal fire sign, Maya Angelou was able to forge a new life from each setback and trauma.

4.4.1928 14:20 St Louis MI.

Devastated by the murder of her friend Martin Luther King, on her birthday no less, each year she declined to celebrate and instead sent flowers to his widow.

Challenged by a book editor, she wrote a massive best seller, ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ despite being in deep grief.

Aries has the energy, enthusiasm and sheer guts to bounce back after setbacks and often is the one leading the charge to change the world. They do not make comfortable bedfellows for they are impatient with naysayers and doubters, but their enthusiasm can be transformative.

Her poem, ‘And Still I Rise.’ is an Aries anthem about their sheer indestructability and joie de vivre.

‘You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.’

Aries, the sign of Spring shows how nature and life emerge from winter’s darkness and grief. Despite seemingly great obstacles and the unlikeliness of success, the sun warms the earth, the buds open and the animals wake from their long hibernation, ready for the adventure ahead.

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