Friends…best friends

Lady Gaga has two charts, as you would expect for someone with a Gemini Ascendant, this is the first one that was released and I think it works better than the second one (02:00) which gives her a Capricorn Ascendant. Somehow, I can’t see someone with a conventional Capricorn Ascendant wearing a dress made from meat- but that might be my own personal prejudices. This chart gives her expansive and creative Jupiter in Pisces conjunct her midheaven, showing luck and fame (Jupiter) with music and dance and spectacle (Pisces).

Lady Gaga 28.3.1986.09:53 Manhattan.

This chart also gives her Mars and Neptune in her 7th house of friends and open enemies. Mars in Capricorn is super ambitious and calculating and will understand how powerful (Capricorn) friends can help her but also where enemies might stick in the knife.

Lady Gaga (Stefanie) has a powerful Moon, Pluto in Scorpio, which often shows abuse (she was raped at 19) but also a tremendous life force and willpower to rise from the ashes of trauma and reinvent oneself. Her Sun in Aries gives her the drive and enthusiasm and cheek to break through boundaries. Aries are future orientated and need constant challenge and excitement to feel alive. Gaga was ‘friends’ with another singer, Lana del Rey.

Lana del Rey 21.6.1985, 16:47 New York.

Lana del Rey has Ascendant in Scorpio conjunct Lady Gaga’s Moon at 11′ Scorpio. Contacts between Sun, Moon and Ascendant are often called ‘Cosmic Marriages’ because there is a deep connection between the two people. In Scorpio, this suggests deep rivalry, as Scorpio will fight to the death to win. Del Rey has Saturn conjunct the Ascendant which is a difficult aspect, often showing low self esteem and lack of confidence and suspicion of the way the outside world perceives you (Ascendant). Lana del Rey has Sun, Mars and Mercury in touchy Cancer, in the eighth house of secrets, the unconscious and power. Mars, weak in Cancer, is the classic passive aggressive, especially hidden in the 8th house. Her Moon is in stagey Leo and so is her Midheaven, showing her need to perform, and be adored (Leo). But again, Moon in Leo can be faking it till you make it, as the subtle Moon is not happy in fire signs. But a powerful Venus in Taurus on the descendant shows her lovely singing voice (Taurus) is how she reaches out to others (7th house). Taurus can be materialistic, it may be she chooses friends who support her financially (or expects them to).

A life in music is hard, you have to be tough and very, very persistent. Before either woman had become famous, both played in New York City nightlife circuits. They were rivals perhaps, although Lana del Rey claims they were never friends. But this begs the question, why record and release a song attacking someone you don’t know?

In 2013 the song ‘So Legit’ written by del Rey, was released on You Tube and then quickly removed. I don’t have the exact date for the release, but in 2013 Saturn was passing over del Rey’s Ascendant and Gaga’s Moon Pluto (triggering their synastry). Uranus was conjunct Gaga’s Sun (surprise fame) and Neptune was conjunct her Midheaven (public recognition in music and film) and Jupiter was conjunct her Gemini Ascendant (luck, expansion). 2013 was a great year for Gaga, the year she released her best selling Applause album. Del Rey’s had less success, but it was a breakthrough year for her too, which coincided with her Saturn return in early 2014 (growing up). Despite her success, in ‘So Legit’ Lana del Rey calls Gaga fake and talentless.

‘You were the freak king of the piercing shop,

You’re looking like a man, you’re talking like a baby

How the fuck is your song in a Coke commercial, crazy?  

I don’t get it, your taste once exquisite.

I wonder if this is not la Rey’s pique at not being asked to do commercials and earn the money Gaga clearly did, remember that Venus in Taurus, was she looking for a hand up/out and was rebuffed?

The song continues,

‘I don’t get it, I’m so legit.
Tell me, was it cuz I wasn’t platinum in jewels?
That perhaps you thought I was a little bit even uncool?
Kid, was that it?

Interestingly, here del Rey suggests she has the legitimacy (Saturn), while Gaga is the trashy blonde. The killer last lines go for the jugular,

‘Stefani, you suck
I know you’re selling 20 million,
Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg.’

Early on in her career, in Williamsburg del Rey and other ‘friends’ of Gaga allegedly booed her off stage . Can you imagine that? Even if I didn’t like someone’s music very much, it would take a good deal of hatred and jealousy to be so cruel. I guess it is the need to cut an Aries down to size and the deep, deep rage of Scorpio lashing out. Saturn never forgets a slight, Mars in Cancer in the 8th house is brooding and festering. Gaga has Uranus conjunct her descendant, perhaps she cuts off her friends (Uranus) and hurt del Rey deeply (Cancer). Certainly, Cancer does not forgive or forget people who have hurt them, the wound is deep and festers (Scorpio, 8th house). Gaga may have done the classic Aries cut and run and found other playmates or collaborators who she liked better. She is certainly more successful than del Rey and a more interesting performer, all of which would be salt in the wound of a proud Leo Moon. Ouch!

Because who can wound you the most? Those closest to you. I think this is why the seventh house rules both friends and open enemies, because they can be the same people in different stages in your life, which is why it is said,

‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.’

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