Midsummer Madness

Midsummer this year happens early in the morning, at dawn to be precise (4h42 BST).

You may remember that we looked at the equinox chart to see how the next three months were going to be, let’s recap.

This was the chart for 09h38, 20.3.2021. This is what I wrote,

“In mundane astrology the Moon shows the people and the MC the government. The Moon in Gemini in the 12th house, shows the people still in lockdown and growing restless (Gemini). The Government is shown by Jupiter conjunct the MC in Aquarius. Jupiter, at 20’52 is in one of its terms in Aquarius (21′-25′), so it is not as debilitated as it appears.

“Jupiter in Aquarius shows big ideas, and radical ways of thinking. Aquarius is also the leader who expects their plans to be followed without demur. As the Moon is going to the trine of Jupiter, we can see that the people (the Moon) will go along with the radical ideas the government is proposing.

“What of the virus? We might give the vaccination campaign to Mars (needles and other sharp things). Mars, also in the 12th house, without any dignity in Gemini, is applying to a square of Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces in the 10th. Mercury represents the Government’s message (10th) of compassion for others (Pisces), but it is at odds with the vaccination (Mars). There is and will be a good deal of resistance to the vaccination as people believe it might harm them (12th house) and have no real benefit (Mars un-dignified) to them.

“The Jupiter in Aquarius may wish to enforce its vision and may well turn the people around (Moon applying to a trine of Jupiter), but by persuasion rather than diktat (Moon in Gemini). The Jupiter suggests they will succeed by generosity (Jupiter) and the promise of freedom and travel (Jupiter).

“The Jupiter also shows the Government longing for freedom for itself (covid has been a major clusterfuck for them) and hoping the vaccination campaign will redeem their reputation. As the Moon applies by trine to Jupiter it suggests this will be the case. People will focus on freedom and moving forwards rather than holding on to past resentments. Interestingly, the Moon is separating from a trine of Saturn (restrictions, lockdown, denial) and applying the Jupiter (freedom, hope and optimism) showing that lockdown has worked bringing the daily death toll down from the thousands in January to 121 yesterday, still too many, but a substantial decline.”

Today, (June 19th) in the Guardian newspaper the death toll (from the ONS) is 14 so it is arguable, the Delta variant notwithstanding, that things have improved immeasurably. Whether this is down to the vaccine, summer coming or the end of the life cycle of the virus, it is hard to say. It is also true that people want to move on and leave the miserable mess of last year behind them. So will they be able to?

The Solstice map shows the Sun rising, not in the eleventh (hopes and wishes) of the Equinox chart. This suggests a positive change. The people are shown by the Moon in Scorpio in the fifth house picking up the Saturn, Uranus square I have talked about in previous posts. Moon in Scorpio is weak by sign and afflicted by infortunes (Saturn/Uranus) so the people are without power. The Government, shown by the Saturn/Uranus (10th house) is also under siege and weaker than previously as Saturn is retrograde, and although Jupiter is in the 10th house, it too, is retrograde moving back into a trine to the Sun. The Moon is also separating from a Square of Mars in Leo, making a Fixed Grand Cross with Saturn and Uranus, showing that the virus remains in place and our freedoms and the Government are all held in place with not much changing. It must be noted that both the Government and the people are locked in, neither experiencing the freedom they wish. The Sun rules the 4th house (the end of things) suggesting that there will be a resolution to the crisis and a bit of luck (that square to Jupiter) might bring things to a conclusion. It may be the heat of the summer will curtail the virus, as it did last year. For many people, travel (9th house) is a big hope, the ruler of the 9th, Saturn goes direct on 11th of October, but I’m sure we are hoping we can travel before then (me for one!). 

Nidri Lefkada Greece

Eight times a year, on the quarter and cross quarter days, I write a Magical Herbalism newsletter, below are the highlights.


Post or pre vaccine or preventitive medicine

If you are taking or have taken the vaccine and are feeling run down afterwards or wish to prepare your body, I suggest taking a mixture of herbs to ameliorate any possible side effects. Like all herbal treatment, the aim is to rebalance and optimise the defences of the body so it can heal itself. Each herbalist will have their own formula, this is what I have suggested to some people. The herbs are easily found growing wild in most places or you can buy from your local herbal apothecary.
The mixture I have been using is equal parts:

*Cleavers (Galium aparine) for the lymphatic system
*Marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis) for the liver and immunity generally
*Nettle (Urtica diotica) anti-inflammatory and for the kidneys
*Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) anti allergic and for the respiratory system and/or
*Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) anti-allergic, immune stimulant.
*Horsetail (Equisetum arvensis) for the lungs, kidneys and bones.
*Add another lung remedy if you wish, like Thyme (use about half the amount as it is strong) or Mullein (Verbascum thapsus).

Teas are good if you can wildcraft these herbs, otherwise buy tinctures from your local Herbal Apothecary. You may have to buy 50ml of each, but tinctures last for years and you can use the mixture whenever you feel run down or you are coming down with something. Dose: 5ml three times a day before meals in a little water.
Details about the herbs can be found here

A Woman’s Book of Herbs

As we arrive at Midsummer, we move from the Sanguine to the Choleric season, which lasts until the Autumn Equinox. The Choleric humour is ruled by the Sun and Mars. Sun herbs include Marigold, St. John’s Wort, Angelica, Chamomile, Eyebright, Saffron, Mistletoe, Lovage and Rosemary. Mars herbs are Nettle, Ginger, Garlic, Milk Thistle, Wormwood, Tobacco, Hedge Mustard, Bearberry and Hawthorn.

The Choleric temperament is hot and dry and often shows with red faces, hot hands, and a predisposition to fever and sharp, cutting pains. It can bring bad temper and irritation both individually and collectively-summer is a time when there are often riots and an increase in violence. On the other hand in summer people want to have fun, party and get things done. Fire gives optimism and energy, dynamism and action, but always has to be mindful of rash reactions and lashing out in frustration.

Choleric types need goals and meaning in their lives, it is not enough for them to just ‘be’ they have to be able to see results and movement. Confidence is a fiery attribute which can be wonderful, but arrogance, its shadow is ugly. Fire goes well with earth as earth does not mind the mundane and routine, so will always remember where their keys are and to buy food and pay the bills. These trifles Fire finds boring-and boring is the worst thing for them. read more here

Traditional Western Herbal Medicine

Boring people, boring lives, boring jobs will all put out fire, for despite their bravado, it is easy to douse the flame and bury it in responsibility or convention. Set free Fire is loyal, passionate and great fun-just don’t hem them in-they’ll come back if you don’t chase them.

Incense combines the elements- Fire, Air, Water, Earth.
You may also be interested in a recipe for Cinnamon incense which is from the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine which does lovely online courses on incense making.

Cinnamon is a herb of the Sun so and ideal incense for the season.
5 teaspoons (7g) of Sandalwood powder (or another flavour if you wish)
½ tsp. 3.5g of cinnamon powder
½ tsp clove powder
1/16th tsp of gum tragacanth (or a pinch)
3 ½ tsp. (a bit more or a bit less) of water.
Mix the dry ingredients and slowly, drop by drop add the water until it makes a dough. Knead and roll the dough and then make into little cones around 1 inch/2 cms tall.
Allow to dry for 24-48 hours depending on the weather. Tip them over after a while so the bottom dries out completely.
Store in a glass container.
When you burn them place them on a ceramic or glass dish as incense gets very hot and will burn surfaces.

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