Eclipse Season begins:

Eclipses run in sequences, called the Saros cycle. This year the Solar and Lunar Eclipses are in the signs of Taurus/ Scorpio. The first one is Saturday the New Moon (Solar eclipse) 30th April at 20:28 (GMT) at 10′ Taurus 28′. The second one is the Full Moon (lunar Eclipse) May 16th at 04:14 at 25’17 Scorpio. Six months later the pattern in reversed, Solar eclipse (New Moon) on October 25th at 10:49 at 2′ Scorpio 0 and Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) November 8th 11:02 at 16′ Scorpio 01. Charts can be set up for different countries to see how these events will play out. Eclipses affect us personally, if we have planets within 2 degrees of the eclipse degree and also affect countries if they may aspects to major planets or angles of their horoscopes.

Saturday’s eclipse fall at 10′ Taurus and makes a wide conjunction with Uranus at 14′ and sextile to Mars at 11′ Pisces. The effects of eclipses last for 6 months, when the eclipse is reversed, the November 8th eclipse will be at 16′ Taurus/Scorpio where Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and Uranus the Moon also at 16′ Taurus.

The Taurus Scorpio axis is about values, yours and other peoples’, resources especially money, your own in Taurus, and other people’s in Scorpio. They are both fixed signs, Fixed earth (Taurus) and fixed water (Scorpio). As they name suggests, fixed signs have a tendency to dig their heels and and be immoveable, not great where Uranus is concerned as Uranus is the planet of revolution, sudden changes, either good or bad, chaos, the unexpected and all types of unpredicted events.

Eclipses, as the word suggests represent something or someone being excluded, eclipses happen when the earth gets involved in a new or full moon, a third wheel in other words. The classic interpretation gives struggles between three people, perhaps in a relationship or a battle for a job or any other contest. Eclipses often bring a sense of loss and disempowerment and certainly endings, big revelations, and crises. They are not necessarily bringers of bad news (see my blog about Columbus and the eclipse) but things are never the same again. Expect to see events two days before or after the lunation.

In the UK chart the eclipse happens in the 6th house of health and service. The government is shown by Mercury ruling the MC in Gemini. Mercury is in the 7th house, which shows the government going to the people (local elections happen on the 5th of May). The government is strong by sign (Mercury rules Gemini). Gemini rules thieves and liars (arguably this government is excellent at both lying and stealing). Hoping that the eclipse won’t mean a return to the virus (6th house of health), but I suspect it is more about service, public service which may be seen as a 6th house matter. Integrity in public service, working for the greater good, and not simply enriching yourself will be a factor in these elections, and if we are to believe the pundits, if the government do badly the PM will be forced out. Although, of course a shocking result would be if they did really well…we shall see.

seen in Fitzroy Square London: photo mine.

With my clients when they have a Uranus transit, I always advise them to let go of whatever is being triggered, because it will go anyway, but the harder you hold on, the more violent and disruptive the splitting apart will become. Some things are just past their sell by date, and we need to relinquish the old, to make space for whatever new energies, events or people are on their way to us.

In terms of an eclipse, these energies are enhanced and magnified as we have two bites of the cherry six months apart. The first ‘hit’ may herald the break, the second whatever is coming to replace it.

Mollifying the effects of Uranus there is also a Venus, Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Venus is exalted in the sign. Venus Jupiter aspects are often where dreams (Jupiter) can come true. Certainly a time to beautify your life, your relationships, and be creative.

Saturday, then will be a powerful day for people who have important planets and angles at 10 Taurus or Scorpio and a lucky, loving day for those with planets or angles at 27′ Pisces or Virgo.

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