Teflon Tony and his sleezy mates: the dark side of Air.

Here in the West, we live in a very Airy culture: spin, social media, surface charm and fun are the zeitgeist. Those who can talk and persuade and provide ‘alternative facts’ have the power in these times of reality tv and bought and paid for journalism and politics.

As you would expect the best proponents of these dark arts have a preponderance of air in their charts. The first master of spin and fabrications in the UK was Tony Blair.

Although he is a Sun Taurus, I believe it was his Airy planets which drove both his success and his downfall. He has a wide Grand Trine in Air, Mars in Gemini on the Ascendant, Moon and North Node in Aquarius in the 10th and Neptune Saturn in Libra in the 6th. Usually, I don’t allow such large orbs, but Saturn Neptune in Libra speaks to me of delusion (Neptune) about peacemaking (Libra) which was ostensibly his motive for fighting in the Iraq war (of course the over 1.24 million dead Iraqi’s would disagree I’m sure). His legacy, an exalted Saturn, which also rules his Capricorn Midheaven reflects this. Arguably he did many good things during his time in office (peace in Northern Ireland, minimum wage etc.) but his legacy is tarnished by this delusion to the extent, over 20 years later, he is booed and jeered whenever he appears in public in the UK. The Mars in Gemini rising, shows his adversarial skills: he was a lawyer as well as a charmer, but that his disastrous warmongering is what he is remembered for. Aquarius, as fixed air, can show dictators and ideologues-those wedded to their ideas who refuse to back down despite all the evidence to the contrary. In this case the dodgy intelligence dossiers which claimed Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Why Teflon Tony? Because nothing sticks to him…

Which brings us to our current leader. Without the anchoring of Blair’s Taurus Sun, Boris gives us a more chaotic and mendacious expression of Air. Boris is also using war to bolster his extremely precarious position. A friend and supporter of Ukraine, this time on the side of the oppressed, Boris sees himself as a Churchillian figure who will save the day. Libra rising makes him a charmer, also gives him a fine mind, while Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini in the 9th show his mutability, which suggest both flexibility and fickleness. These are trine his Part of Fortune in Aquarius again indicating mental acuity and an autocratic tendency. While Blair may have had the one big lie, Boris has had a multiplicity of them. Lying to Parliament, the Queen, the people, the police, his fellow MPs, he was sacked twice having been caught out lying. For such a prodigious liar he seems singularly bad at it- or perhaps he simply doesn’t care. His legacy, Saturn weak in Pisces is part of a water Grand Trine of Moon in Scorpio in the 1st, and North Node and Midheaven in Cancer. Saturn is opposed by an Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo (all those details Boris is so contemptuous of) and square an aggressive Mars in Gemini making a Mutable T Square. After a heady election win, Boris’ tenure has been endlessly marred by his laziness, corruption and dishonesty- his legacy will be more tarnished than Blair’s, but with a deal less blood on his hands. Currently, Uranus is aspecting his greedy Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house of power and subterfuge. The first hit was May 21st, when he met with civil servant Sue Grey before she published her report into ‘partygate’. We do not know what transpired but likely he endeavoured to influence her, he is her boss after all. The second hit will be on the 9th of December and the final transit is on the 7th March 2023 which will coincide with his second Saturn return. Jupiter rules his 6th house of health, he does not look well it must be admitted and his 3rd house of siblings and neighbours, will one of them be the architect of his downfall? Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor is his neighbour at no 11, although he too, is tarnished goods. Boris has a carefully constructed image (Libra) of a shambolic cheeky chappie, but his Scorpio Moon shows a shrewd and ruthless operator who will hold on till the bitter end, happily throwing anyone under the bus to protect himself.

The final villain of the piece, demonstrating that everything is more extreme in the USA, is Donald Trump. Another Mars rising, this time in Leo. He also has a wide Grand Trine in Air; Jupiter Chiron in Libra in the second, trine Sun, North Node and Uranus in Gemini in the 10th, trine Part of Fortune in Aquarius conjunct the descendant. Of course, Trump’s big lie, currently under investigation, is bolder and more outrageous than Blair’s or Boris’, although he comes second in the blood letting stakes, is the claim that he won the election. His advisers, they now say, repeatedly told him he had lost, there was no fraud, but Leo is ever the sore loser and massive sulker. Whether he believed the lie or was intent on imposing his will on the people, he backed the insurrection implicitly and perhaps explicitly. People died and a Rubicon was crossed with who knows what terrible long term consequences for the country and its beleaguered democracy.

Air then is charming, intelligent, witty and fun. The dark side shows how our thoughts can lead us into very dangerous places, especially if we refuse to listen to those closest to us whose opinions do not support our beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “Teflon Tony and his sleezy mates: the dark side of Air.

  1. This is sobering for me to read with 7 planets in air all square to Neptune but it all makes a lot of sense.. the balance between the mind and emotional drivers is complex, it would be interesting to see what of Blair’s childhood drove this. in the end though we get the leaders we elect so that must have something to do with how disconnected the collective can be. Do you live in the UK?


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