Astrology, Karma and Destiny

Caput et Cauda Dragonis: Bonattus

Some people accuse astrology of being fatalistic, it is written in the stars and then destiny will unfold as it is written. Well maybe, but the question of the astrologer’s art, is what is written and how do we interpret what is written and on what level does the native operate? Because what is written must be expressed through the vehicle of the individual in question, which of course may be intimated through the horoscope, but how the person choses to use these energies cannot be predicted. The astrologer should always allow for serendipity, because of course, we do not operate in a vacuum, other people enter our drama and have their effects.

This week, we had Uranus Mars and the North Node all conjunct in Taurus, very unstable energy for gentle non-confrontational Taurus. So what happened?

The actual conjunction was on late Monday or early Tuesday morning. As I have written before, Mars/Uranus can show violence and aggression with the North Node there there will be fallout long into the future.

Data from Marjorie Orr:

Nancy Pelosi, formidable Speaker of the House of Representatives. A trailblazer, as you would expect from an Aries Sun, the first woman, first Italian-American and first Californian to hold the Speakership. Her Leo Ascendant gives her charm and warmth while her Scorpio Moon gives a talent for navigating the murky world of politics (Scorpios know everyone’s secrets). This week, Nancy made a controversial visit to Taiwan which irritated the Chinese, concerned the Taiwanese and the US Administration, and arguably made a difficult situation worse.

Nancy has a Uranus, Venus and Mars conjunction in Taurus conjunct her MC all opposing that tricky Scorpio Moon. She is having her Uranus return next year, and this trip has been seen as her swansong, the last act before she retires. The Uranus, Venus, Mars in Taurus shows a fighter (Mars) who is unpredictable (Uranus) all done sweetly (Venus ruler of Taurus). Mars is in Fall in Taurus and can show a blundering, where tact and diplomacy are called for, the classic bull in a china shop approach. The Moon in Scorpio can overestimate its power, the Moon is weak in Scorpio and can do that classic Scorpio move of being so tricky they shoot themselves in the foot.

Interestingly, The People’s republic of China was also affected by the Uranus,

data from :

Tremendous symmetry between the two charts, but in reverse. PRC has Aquarius rising (not Leo), Moon Saturn Mars in Taurus but conjunct the IC, Venus in Scorpio conjunct the MC and conjunct Nancy’s Moon. Uranus passed over the Saturn (the chart ruler) on April 13th and will go over the Moon, Mars, IC, Venus, MC next year. China launched military exercises close to the island of Taiwan in response to what they saw as provocation.

Arguably, Pelosi’s action was pouring oil on troubled waters, but both parties were grandstanding. China’s leader is up for re-election this year, and it is suggested the sabre-rattling is for a Chinese audience. Likewise, Pelosi’s final act is more about her and her legacy (she is a longstanding Sinophile) than any desire to help Taiwan.

The North Node passing over both these charts suggests their actions will have Karmic repercussions in the future, possibly leaving Taiwan between a rock and a hard place.

Other politicians caught up un Uranus’ merry dance are the current contenders for Prime Minister/leader of the Conservative party.

no time: midday chart

Liz Truss had another bruising week with protesters interrupting her speeches and more derision heaped upon her as she promised the impossible and then retracted and fed raw meat to the Tory party by attacking, benefit recipients, asylum seekers and the Unions and at one point threatening to offer a lower pay increase the NHS workers outside of London (hastily withdrawn). As we don’t have a time we can only look at her planets and their relationship to each other.

The first thing to notice, is she has an unaspected Sun in Leo, which is tough for the planets and sign which needs to shine and take centre stage. Truss comes over a diffident and confused, which makes me wonder if she is Cancer rising, (her deer in the headlights responses) with the Mercury/Saturn conjunction on her Ascendant. This would make her cautious, timid, but doggedly determined (Saturn). She also has a very emotional Moon is Pisces which again makes her over sensitive and perhaps a fantasist-she did dress up like Margaret Thatcher at one point (pussy-bow blouse, big handbag). But she also has that dogged and determined Mars in Taurus which digs its heels in and keeps on keeping on, probably ignoring the chatter from outside. Asked if she went to any of the lockdown parties she said no and admitted she was not invited to any of them, which seemed rather pathetic, revealing her to be a ‘Johnny no mates’ amongst the lad culture of no 10. Her feisty Jupiter in Aries will mean she is not afraid of the bully boys and she has vision and hope and optimism. She is expected to win the nomination. Her rival, Rishi Sunak, once the golden boy is trailing in the polls because of that other Taurean trait, greed.

No time: midday chart

Again, there is no time, but we see Taurus highlighted once more, Sun, Mercury and Chiron which are opposite Uranus in Scorpio. So, Rishi is heading for his Uranus return while transiting Uranus passes over Sun and Mercury. Uranus transited Chiron earlier this year (April 24th) when the rumblings against the PM were growing louder and no 10 began to brief against him (as the chief rival to the PM). Uranus (shock) revealed the weak point (Chiron) of his greed (Chiron in Taurus) which made him do all sorts of dodgy deals with his incredible wealth to avoid paying tax. From then on, his bright star was tarnished and it is predicted he will lose the contest. Uranus will go over his Sun Mercury in Taurus (great wealth) next year and this may be the time when he quits politics to make even more money. But then, Uranus is the planet of surprises and as both incumbents have Uranus hovering about their charts there is no guarantee that the predictable will turn out to be the outcome.

view from my apartment in Nidri

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seaside restaurant Nidri, Lefkada, Greece.

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