Astrology, Karma and Destiny #2

Yesterday (August 12th) the fatwa issued by the Ayatollah in Iran, later rescinded but not cancelled worked its way to Rushdie who was about to begin a talk on how the USA was home to persecuted and exiled writers. At the time of writing he is in an ICU severely injured.

Rushdie a Muslim born in the year of partition in India wrote the Satanic Verses on Islam and his thoughts on it. Provocative certainly, but a Muslim born in India may be allowed his opinion on the religion he was born into even if it is offensive to many. He spoke as an ‘insider’ and his voice has weight and seriousness.

What does his horoscope tell us? Well certainly it shows a wordsmith, born exactly on the New Moon in Gemini, words, writing and speech are how he expresses his true nature (Sun). It is said that the Sun and Moon in the same sign, show a karmic life, with the Moon indicating what was left unresolved from a past life. We might posit that writing or speech, speaking his truth, were life tasks left unfinished in a previous incarnation and now his horoscope demands that he takes up his pen. Both Sun and Moon are closely conjunct Uranus which shows his radical and provocative writings which elicit violence (Uranus) in others.

To further underline his karmic life, Venus, his ruling planet (ruling his Taurus ascendant) is conjunct the North Node, showing again, his life’s work is through his creativity (Taurus is a sign of many creatives, as they have a practice, or routine, which Earth signs love.) All of these planets are in the 2nd house of wealth and values, he will earn his living via words and make money from them. Mercury, the ruler of all these Gemini planets is in Cancer conjunct the IC (his roots and heritage). Again this shows how his words explore for him who he is and where he comes from-what his tribe is in other words (IC).

The 7th house shows open enemies and is ruled by Mars and perhaps Pluto. Mars is in the 1st in detriment in Taurus. Mars in Taurus is slow, plodding, but fixed on the goal, his enemies are determined, playing the long, slow game, and contemplating violence (Mars) Mars in Taurus suggests a beating, and his assailant did indeed rain blows down on his during the attack. Mars is opposite and equally weak Jupiter in Scorpio in the 7th house of his enemies. Jupiter rules the 8th of death and violence and the 9th house, publishing, as well as the 12th house of self undoing, arguably after so many years, Rushdie’s guard was relaxed. The Satanic Verses was published in 1988 and the fatwa was issued 14th February 1989 in Tehran by the Ayatollah Khomeini, no time is registered so I have drawn up the chart for 12.00.

This chart shows how Rushdie’s fate or destiny is unfolding. The Moon, being such a fast moving planet often triggers events which are shown by transits to and from the slower moving planets. The Moon here is in Gemini, 12′ at midday so it could be conjunct the Venus/North Node or moving to conjunct the Uranus. In either case, the Moon is triggering all those planets we discussed earlier which are concerned with his destiny and karma. Both Mars and Jupiter are in Taurus, Mars at 15′ Taurus is applying to his natal Mars at 21′ Taurus and Jupiter separating from it at 27′. Remember that slow acting resentment holding Mars, biding his time. Pluto is at 15′ Scorpio applying to conjunct his natal Jupiter at 19′- too wide to be called a transit but highlighting the deadly nature (Jupiter ruling the 8th in his natal chart) of the decree. The nature of the fatwa is shown by Saturn (Islam) Neptune (fanaticism) and Uranus (violence) all conjunct in Capricorn (ruler of the father-god). His progressions are even more startling, his progressed Sun is at 6’31 Leo conjunct his Natal Saturn at 6’36. Destiny (Sun) meets karma (Saturn). In his natal chart, Saturn is the ruler of his MC (career). Arguably, the fatwa both destroyed his career (he went in hiding for many years) and boosted it (sales skyrocketed and people wanted to see what the book was actually saying.) The book is banned in India, Pakistan, Iran, and other Muslim countries.

Time from the police statement reported in the Guardian newspaper

Rushdie’s luck may have run out on the 12th of August. The North Node and Uranus are conjunct at 17’41 and 18′ 52 Taurus exactly opposite his natal Jupiter at 18’46 Scorpio, which as you remember rules his 8th and 9th houses. The symbolism of violence (Uranus) and attack by a secret enemy (Jupiter ruler of the 12th) in the house of death (or danger of it). He is reported to have injuries to his liver (Jupiter rules the liver) his arm (Gemini rules the arms) and may lose the sigh in one eye (Sun and Moon rule the eyes). Today, it is reported he is off the ventilator, so perhaps his Jupiter has once again given him a luck break.

Can we escape karma or destiny? I believe we cannot escape them, but we can alter their effects depending on actions we take. For sure, Rushdie has led a charmed existence avoiding two assassination attempts. His co-workers were not so lucky, his Japanese translator was murdered, his Italian translator was stabbed and punched and his Norwegian publisher was shot and wounded. His UK publisher had to build a fortress like headquarters in London for fear of bomb attacks. Rushdie, as a cheeky Gemini Sun and Moon made jokes of the religion, doubtless knowing it would offend Muslims. The 1947 partition of India in the year of his birth was an extremely bloody affair. Muslims and Hindus massacred each other as Muslims fled north to Pakistan and Hindus fled south to India. It is estimated between hundreds of thousands and two million died during this time. Actions have consequences, Rushdie has been badly injured, his colleagues in publishing attacked, and now no doubt there will be a backlash by Islamophobes. His karma was to speak out, how he chose to do this was his choice, we both have our destiny and our free will in how we choose to express it. At the moment Uranus is about to retrograde away from his Jupiter but will return in May 2023 there will be more to come in this story I suspect.

Clearly, most people’s lives are not so dramatic. But looking at the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and North Node as well as other planets we can see how our horoscope shows the karma or fate we came in with and how to best live it out.

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