The Times they are a changing…the Autumn Equinox

It is always useful to start predictions by retrodiction, looking back to the last quarter. On the solstice we saw a debilitated chart, the Moon (the people) was in detriment in Aries (bad tempered and impatient) and the government (and the establishment) was weak shown by a Void of Course (VC) Venus.

What has happened since then is the PM has been sacked and the Queen died. Momentous events. Notice the North Node (NN) conjunct the Midheaven(representing the government and the Royal family). The NN represents karma and destiny. The quarter from June to September was game changing. Also moving towards the MC was Uranus, the planet of revolution, which may describe the despatching of the previous PM. I wrote:

separating from a trine of Pluto ruler of the 4th representing the opposition to the government. The strong Venus shows the past (void of course), the government had a strong mandate from the people in the last election, a majority of eighty. But it is fatally wounded (separating from Pluto).

The PM was expelled on July 7th, Mars was opposite his natal Moon in early Scorpio, which does suggest a stab in the back (57 Tory ministers resigned precipitating his resignation).

How does the government look in the Autumn Equinox chart? It is shown by the MC in Aries, ruled by a divided/duplicitous Mars in Gemini in the 11th. The new PM was elected by the membership of the Tory party (which can be seen as the 11th house of groups). She was sworn in three days before the Queen died, so Aries fits as the new broom. Mars is applying to a trine of Saturn in Aquarius, which rules the 5th and 6th houses.

What of the Queen, who died on 8th of September and lived long enough to greet the new PM (that Venus in Taurus) arguably, both women (Venus) were shown to be without power (VC), already Biden has bumped his scheduled meeting with the PM, a newsman, not recognising her, described her as ‘a minor royal’ as she walked into HRH’s funeral. The PM seems a person who might have power (Mars) but is likely dishonest (breaking international agreements) and so is weakened except among the membership. Her MPs are her open enemies (7th house) many do not support her.

The new King is also shown by this Mars, he is a divisive figure, many criticise his duplicity over Princess Diana (Gemini) and his irritability (Mars). His is a weak reign, unlike his mother’s shown by that exalted Venus in Taurus. So, both our heads of State are weak, without dignity and assailed by open enemies (Saturn ruler of the 7th).

The people are shown by the Moon in Leo, which is VC, separating from an opposition of Neptune in the 9th house. This may represent the lies told by our leaders which the people now understand were illusions and fantasy (Neptune) I am thinking of Brexit here, but the separation may also represent Covid, (Astrologers have given pandemics to Neptune) which is probably over, for the time being at least. A VC Moon shows the people have no power, and perhaps no appetite for it. The Moon is in the 2nd house and the economy is forefront in people’s minds, well it will be once the funeral games are finished. The Royal ‘circus’ may be seen as the Moon in Leo, gilt not gold, empty pageantry from an irrelevant monarchy which many of the ‘people’ entered into, it is estimated 250,000 people queued to pay their respects and the funeral, broadcast live to the largest audience ever, an estimated at 5.1 billion (although not verified). Certainly represents a Leonine send-off. But this has polarised (Mars in Gemini), heavy handed policing arresting harmless placard bearers expressing anti-monarchy sentiments (Mars in Gemini-violence against the word) has resulted in a surge of anti-monarchy feeling.

So what of the next three months? The government will fight the unions (Mars in the 11th of groups and societies). The Unions are shown by Venus (ruling the 11th-that late degree of Taurus again) in Virgo in the 3rd house (of local networks) applying to an opposition to Neptune in the 9th and then a trine of Pluto in the 6th. This suggests the fleet of foot union leaders (Virgo) may be destroyed (Pluto) or destroy the government. There will certainly be a war of words, Mars in Gemini-the government, the unions in Mercury ruled Virgo in the 3rd of communication. Mars applies to a trine of Saturn, so this might show that the State is supported by colleagues (7th house) or the police (Saturn). While the unions are hard to pin down (Neptune) and may ultimately will bring down the government (Pluto in Capricorn). Certainly, this will be an irritable and perhaps vicious battle which we, the people will stand by and watch. Pluto rules oil and Neptune rules gas, so it is to be expected that the Russian supplies of these affect the outcome too.

With both the government and the royal family weak shown as Mars in Gemini and the people going nowhere (VC) this period feels less like a new beginning than a last blast of a tired nation.

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