Yuletide Greetings

enough with the darkness…

Winter Solstice tonight at 21:49 (GMT). I, for one will be glad this year is over, it has been a difficult year for many of us, especially following two years of plague…In the UK we are suffering a terrible ‘cost of the Tories financial crisis‘ with no end in sight, they don’t have to call an election until 2014…

So what does the astrology tell us the next quarter will be like?

As before, it is useful to look backwards before we look forwards. In September the Equinox chart gave some clues as to what we might expect (see here)

What I predicted then was,

The government will fight the unions (Mars in the 11th of groups and societies). The Unions are shown by Venus (ruling the 11th-that late degree of Taurus again) in Virgo in the 3rd house (of local networks) applying to an opposition to Neptune in the 9th and then a trine of Pluto in the 6th. This suggests the fleet of foot union leaders (Virgo) may be destroyed (Pluto) or destroy the government. There will certainly be a war of words, Mars in Gemini-the government, the unions in Mercury ruled Virgo in the 3rd of communication. Mars applies to a trine of Saturn, so this might show that the State is supported by colleagues (7th house) or the police (Saturn). While the unions are hard to pin down (Neptune) and may ultimately will bring down the government (Pluto in Capricorn). Certainly, this will be an irritable and perhaps vicious battle which we, the people will stand by and watch. Pluto rules oil and Neptune rules gas, so it is to be expected that the Russian supplies of these affect the outcome too. With both the government and the royal family weak shown as Mars in Gemini and the people going nowhere (VC)

As we speak the unions are stronger than ever and currently the Railways, Buses, Ambulances, Postal Workers, Driving Examiners, Border Force, Highway Workers, Baggage Handlers, (for dates see here) and of course, the most shocking of all, nurses are striking. The government is weak and generally despised, especially as the Government appears to be blaming the nurses for their industrial action. The VC Moon in the Equinox chart beautifully describes the stalemate.

this period feels less like a new beginning than a last blast of a tired nation.

So what does the next three months look like?

The Chart shows the government (10th house) in the last minutes of Taurus (29’45) which does describe the fag-end of a term of office and an exhausted executive. Venus, ruler of the 10th is weak in Capricorn in the 5th house and is applying to a trine of Uranus in Taurus in the 9th. The 9th rules the legal profession, perhaps the Government will use the law to stay in power? Uranus rules the 6th house of health and employees, will there be another outbreak of plague? Or are the workers simply revolting? Maybe both.

The people, shown by the Moon, which is also poorly placed (peregrine) in Sagittarius in the 4th. They have no power, all they can do is stay at home (4th house) and try to have some fun (Sagittarius) and dream of travelling or regretting our leaving overseas friends (Brexit). Certainly, here in Central London there is a lot of partying going on, perhaps people feel they might as well have fun while things go to the dogs (Sagittarius). Sagittarius, is shown by Artemis in my new book, Goddess Astrology (see below) of whom, it was said,

‘where has Artemis not danced?’

For sure, Sagittarius loves to have fun.

The next aspect the Moon makes is an opposition to Mars retrograde in Gemini in the 10th (remember the same Mars showed the weak government in the Equinox chart) now it is weaker still (retrograde). Mars rules the 4th (the end of things) and the 8th, the absolute end and also corruption with money- currently the dirty dealings during the plague years are being exposed, we can only hope there is more to come.

Planets in the 10th can show how the Government acts. The weak Mars shows their cruelty, blaming striking Nurses-really? Letting people freeze or starve due to their mismanagement of the country’s finances (that budget!) while all the time handing cash to their banker friends…Planets out of their element (Venus/Capricorn) often display the worst side of the sign. In this case, greed (Venus) and meanness and harshness (Capricorn) and power without compassion (Venus Capricorn).

Unions are shown by the ruler of the 11th house, the Moon in Sagittarius (they are one with the people) applying to that Mars. They are up for a fight, neither has much power, though, arguably, the Unions can see the bigger picture and the need for negotiation (Sagittarius) while the Government just wants a fight (Mars). Mars goes direct on January 13th, we can expect to see the Government doubling down on nasty tactics (Mars) lies and trickery (Gemini) around that time.

The chart ruler is Mercury in the 5th in Capricorn, and this may describe how the country, its people and leaders are miserable (Capricorn being a Melancholic sign and Mercury a Melancholic planet). Certainly the PM is not enjoying the job and many MPs are jumping ship rather than fight the next election which will probably be a wipe-out.

Notice Lilith in the 11th house of unions, separating from an opposition of Pluto. Lilith is the raging female, this can only be the striking nurses, in Cancer the sign of the carer, who have taken on the government (Capricorn) and struck for the first time ever, all that clapping has come back to haunt the Government as was entirely predictable.

So the grim news looks like to continue and the best we can do is hunker down and eat, drink and be merry.

My new book…see here for more details

Greek Island Summer School

May 24-31st 2023: The Astrology of Families

Families have astrological lines running through them which we can trace through parents, children and siblings. There is much to be learnt about ourselves through looking at our place in the family and family traits.

During the week we will discuss

  • Siblings and the 3rd house
  • The Sun, Moon and 4th and 10th houses of the parents
  • Children and parents, the North Node, karmic ties, children’s experience of their families, examples of big families and singletons.
  • Grandparents, aunts and uncles
  • Family lines, adoptions, blended families. Chiron, ancestral pain and lessons.

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