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Summer Solstice London

The Summer Solstice, the moment the Sun enters Cancer and the descent into darkness, away from the longest day to the longest night, slowly begins.

When I looked at the Winter Solstice chart (https://elisabethbrooke.com/2021/12/19/diving-deep-staying-cosy-the-astrology-of-the-winter-solstice/ the government was shown without dignity-from an astrological standpoint but also arguably from an ethical perspective too. How have things changed? Well the mire of corruption and lies have been exposed, a vote of no confidence has been won and the prime minister remains in post.

The Summer Solstice chart shows the government (10th house) as Taurus conjunct the North Node and Uranus moving towards that conjunction which is not exact for another year (June 4th 2023, also the day of a New Moon at 13′ Sagittarius). The ruler of the 10th is Venus strong in her own sign but void of course (making no aspects until it leaves the sign) separating from a trine of Pluto ruler of the 4th representing the opposition to the government. The strong Venus shows the past (void of course), the government had a strong mandate from the people in the last election, a majority of eighty. But it is fatally wounded (separating from Pluto).

The North Node is interesting, it shows the direction forward for a government which is mired in the past (Venus void of course). Taurus, North Node and the Scorpio South Node, shows a past of secrets, international finance, other people’s money, bribes, and all manner of dodgy dealings. This could illustrate how the government came into office: Cambridge Analytica, algorithms on social media, the 4th estate which undoubtedly swayed the vote, which was about Brexit more than anything. Scorpio shows death, and may reflect the goodwill the people feel towards the government over their handling of covid (however misguided this assessment is). The North Node shows the direction of travel, the future. In Taurus this points to an economic recovery as the only way for the government to prosper, but the ruler of the 10th void of course suggests they have missed their opportunity and nothing will come of it.

What of the people? In Mundane astrology they are shown by the Moon. She is without dignity in Aries in the 8th house of debt applying to a conjunction of Jupiter who has some dignity. This may reflect the cost of living crisis of the people and the increase in indebtedness in the country as well as the desire to get away abroad (Jupiter) after two years of restrictions, which of course, has not gone well with so much disruption in the airports. Aries Moon is willful, selfish and reckless (hence the Moon’s debility in the sign) there is a sense that the people, after so much hardship and death (8th house) are looking for a fight (Aries). Interestingly, the 8th also shows the ability of a nation to recover from disaster (Derek Appleby). A weak Moon with Jupiter may show an ‘eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die’ approach to life.

The Sun and Moon are in mutual reception (Sun in Cancer, the Moon’s sign and Moon in Aries the Sun’s sign of exaltation). If we make this reception , it places the Moon in the 11th house, the house of Trades Unions. Currently we are in a period of transport strikes, with teachers, nurses, airport workers, pilots and others threatening the same. It may be the people will take out their anger and frustration about the economy through industrial action. In the reception, the Sun moves into the eighth house to widely conjunct Jupiter perhaps shining a light on the corruption in public life (Jupiter rules the law) it is only lawyers who are holding the government to account. The opposition is shown by Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th house and its rulers, either Mars in Aries, which hardly describes the lacklustre leader of the opposition, or Pluto (invisibility) in Capricorn (the establishment) which to me fits better his lamentable performance.

A troubled picture for the UK then. Discontent, a hapless government, with little agency or appetite for change, a stagnant economy, the people irritable and rebellious, with an overcautious, underwhelming opposition. However, on the positive side, stasis can give respite and time to garner forces, we shall see what autumn brings.

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